BTC Airdrop Conflict

BTC Airdrop Conflict

By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 2 Dec 2020

Binance Dex Scammed Giveaway

Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. but weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher failure is

For the past 2 months, every time I check the cryptomarket prices on my blog powered by coinmarket, I remember Master Yoda's wise words from the Last Jedi Star Wars movie.

All started on 28th October 2020, when i had a day off from work and i spent the whole morning online taking part in "airdrops" in telegram and twitter, hoping to earn some extra cryptocoins from them.

Binance Dex Scammed Telegram Channel

As a result, I visited the fake as it was proved website, through a telegram channel mocking Binance Dex service having a fake 6.000 BTC Airdrop and asking me to send them my bitcoin funds, promising that they would return them double through the binance dex fake “airdrop”. I wouldn’t believe them and initially I was unwilling to send anything at all and started being ironic in their telegram channel which was full of bots with fake users sending messages on the channel that they have sent their bitcoins to the airdrop and received double back. Even on their fake website, they had embedded somehow an official Binance Dex video about the launching of their service. So due to my FOMO of losing the airdrop as they have included on their fake website a countdown of the airdropped bitcoins, I decided to give them a try and I withdrew my 0.06614129 bitcoins bought on 11.9K USDT in their shared address 1MLVs6A6YFQZkQxYt9y8994MR5sYCDANGa in order to receive their “airdrop” but as soon the bitcoins were delivered, both the channel and the site disappeared. Later Chrome browser identified the website as dangerous and deceptive before it was completely removed from the world wide web.

Simply as that i have managed to lose all of my bitcoins bought on 11.9K USDT and gifted them to scammers for nothing in return apart from shame and disappointment. Especially after the latest bitcoin bullish 20K rally.

My funds were initially available in their shared address according to for a week but afterward they decided to forward them into another address bc1q4m7f7j3ypkxe6j3nkzewkqh7rgla9msrn2r2sg according to so i can’t recover them anymore.


I tried to complain to Binance Customer Support about the incident hoping to receive some understanding  as the imposters used illegally Binance Dex logo, trademark, launched videos and intellectual property but without success. Their customer support service is terrible slow and completely reluctant to provide any kind of support or sympathy, although according to, they have managed to recover 344k from Scam DeFi Project that was launched on its platform..

Even worse, when i posted a similar post to reddit, i receive many messages from users who instead of showing some sympathy they decided to show me the finger and started "throwing stones on me"accusing me for being greedy because i tried to participate in a fake "airdrop" in order to collect some extra cryptocoins. However, for my opinion, who that is greedy is in fact the impostor or the team of impostors who setup such a scam in order to steal the funds of hard-working middle class crypto users instead of trying to find a decent and honest job to buy their own cryptocoins.

Original post has been published on various website in order to raise awareness over the crypto scams that are on hype this period, as follows:

People can easily get fooled from the easiness of earning cryptos through airdrops and they just obey the airdrop instructions without hesitation and clear mind. Stay Alert. Stay Safe. Use Airdrops through official accounts only. Always remember; If an airdrop sounds too good to be true, probably it isn't.

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