Financial goals for 2021 - March meme-update

By cmmemes | Crypto memes by @cmmemes | 28 Mar 2021

It has been an eventful past month with some nice surprises towards the end, so I'm glad I postponed this post until now.

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They say anybody can make money during the bull market, but I'm not just anybody, I'm a crypto pleb, which means screwing up and losing money is always a possibility, that's why I take what I can getz. Even if the volatility is high, anything that I own and goes up makes me very happy, especially if that asset hasn't really done anything in the past few years.

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Speaking of things going up, this morning at least one more thing was up than usual, and it was Hive baby! Forget coffee or any other drug, that woke me up instantly and almost got me screaming wolf of wall street style. It also passed $1, even if it was shot-lived, a milestone that I didn't expect Hive to reach this soon.

Although people are saying the Koreans are up to old shenanigans and pumping it like it's 2018 all over again, and if we look at "the other coin" it has also increased in price a lot so they might be right.

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But since people have worked so hard to create hive and keep it afloat during trying times we must give them credit as well and thank them for all their hard work. We should also thank the people who did their best to educate newcomers on how Hive works and the importance of hodl-ing it.

Ok, so how am I doing on the hodling front? I'm getting closer to 500 Leo so that's a 200 Leo gain in one month, not bad for a Leo pleb. Also this makes me confident enough to raise my goals to 2000 Leo by the end of the year, if things keep going the way they are I should reach it by the end of December. So that will light a fire under my ass.

leo and hive.jpg

I'm a bit bummed that I bought Leo when hive was way lower and could have got a much better deal at these prices but these diamond plated meme hands aren't selling any time soon so I guess it will be ok long term. When the Leo rocket reaches the moon and we'll all take selfies I won't even think about the fact that I spent many hundreds of hive to get a little over 150 Leo.

me and the boys on the moon with Leo and CUB.jpeg

Since we're on the topic of spending hive, I also bought 100 LBI tokens and 10 Utopis token on the hive engine so I wouldn't kick myself so much that I missed out on buying BROs. I know, pleb amounts but that's the pleb life for ya. I also liked the fact that LBI got into CUB finance early and made a killing which I wasn't able to.

Another new financial goal would be for my super secret alt account to reach 4000 Hive, currently it's sitting at 2100 and getting about 3 Hive per week from curation, but I want to start posting again with that as well, just need to organize my shit better.

Anyway, enjoy the gainzzz and hodl that Hive, good times are ahead!

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Crypto memes by @cmmemes

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