Tezos faucets - elegant and easy to use - with staking advice for extra rewards

Tezos faucets - elegant and easy to use - with staking advice for extra rewards

Tezos (XTZ) is one of my favourite tokens. Can be easily staked on wallets like Atomic Wallet or in exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin your choice is as better as any other). Staking Tezos (XTZ) will usually give you an yearly yield of 4-10%, averaged usually at 6%. 

Reward rates that I know about:

Kucoin - 16.44%

Binance - 6%

Atomic Wallet - 6%

Coinbase - 4.90%

I keep mine at the moment on Kucoin exchange, only to move it back to Atomic Wallet when their promotion ends (and it would go back to 4%). 


Now let's talk about an easy way to get some extra juicy XTZ, with only spending 5 seconds of your time every day as investment.

First faucet is https://faucet.tezos.com/ . This is the easiest and the most elegant faucet i've ever seen. Quite straightforward, you put your wallet, your phone, have a code sent, put the code and it is transfered instantly. Sometimes you may need to try few times if it is very busy. 


Second one, GlobalHive -  it is build in a similar manner with the Horizen faucet. This means that you probably have a 20 hours cooldown, and you can register and add your wallet only once, after that you just login, claim once per day and you are done (Note: if you claim optimally, every 20 hours, it is possible to claim 8 times per week). 



Also, you can optimize claiming by using Brave browser to get 10X more. Cool feature, isnt't it? You can also  use a bonus claim every five days, and if you claim every day, your amount of XTZ it is slowly increasing (added bonus daily). If you verify your identity using email, facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts, you will receive 190% of your claim. So, 1000% from Brave, 190% from identity check and dailly added bonus will get you up to 38 times the basic claim. 3800% more. 


Good luck and good stack of XTZ!



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My crypto-related links  (check ratings - 1 to 5 stars based on my personal experience)


Games to gain crypto

***** League of Kingdoms - link here: similar with Heroes of Might and Magic (worldwide - paying in DAI)

**** DogeWars - link here (paying in Doge, 10-100 Doge initial investment, fight bosses and 1vs1 arena)



***** Binance( good for staking/savings ) - link here

***** Kucoin( good for staking/savings ) - link here

***** Coinbase( ideal for beginners )- link here  



**** BlockFi (decent interest rates, but less choices than Celsius) - link here

***** Celsius.network (good rates of interests and monthly codes for free crypto, 1235256530 => my referral for $10 bonus  ) - link here

**** Coinbundle (investing in crypto bundles) - link here  

**** Stakecube (staking, masternodes and very easy to claim faucets for 28 coins/tokens) - link here


Wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies

***** Coinpot - link here (microwallet for all Moon faucets, Bitfun and Bonusbitcoin)

***** Atomic wallet - link here (microwallet for Publish0x DAI, BAT and Loopring)

***** Spherewallet (for Horizen, combined with the faucet for extra bonus) - link here  

**** Crypto.com wallet (good interest staking and 50$ bonus in MCO) - link here


Free crypto (faucets and more)

****Lbry.tv (free crypto for watching or making videos) - link here

**** Bitfun( 3 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

*** Bonusbitcoin( 15 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

**** Moon Bitcoin ( 5 min countdown - automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) - link here

***** Horizen faucet ( 20 hours countdown - automatically deposit to Sphere wallet - bonus ) - link here

***** Tezos daily faucet (20 hours cooldown - automatically deposit to Coinbase - bonus) - link here

*** Tezosfaucet ( 7 days countdown - automatically deposit to Coinbase or Binance wallet ) - link here

** Tron and other crypto faucet (24 hours countdown) - link here  



***** Publish0x blog (Free BAT, DAI and Loopring for reading/writing - can combine with Atomic wallet) - link here

***** Brave browser (Free BAT for using it, based on paid ads, very good AdBlocker and high speed) - link here    

***** Presearch search engine (Free PRE for using it, works well in combination with Brave browser) - link here    


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