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My daily schedule of staying at home and working miracles


My favorite music runs on Youtube, while I am doing my Spanish lessons on Duolingo. Drinking my morning 1L of tea for hydration. Buying some 1000 BBH tokens on this account, as they said they will start to pay Swap.Hive in the next few days. Playing Splinterforge. Working on the #saturdaysavers post on @mightyrocklee. Upvoting some posts on @Leofinance. Transferring some Starbits from @risingstar to change them into Hive. Buying a Gladiator pack with the Merits from the last Guild Brawl. Not too lucky here! This is my morning on a day off.


Except that, I am trying to do all this stuff at the same time. Simultaneously, I start to wonder if I would be more efficient doing them one by one, and single focus on each of them. Hmm, I need to test this hypothesis one day. They say that we usually get easily distracted, and we lose more time distributing our attention and focusing on multiple goals instead of doing only one thing. It may be true, I do not know, but I am easily distracted when I am online, most of the time. Being at the same time on the phone, desktop, and laptop for the sake of productivity can be a challenge, but can I focus on a single line of thought? It is quite hard when I meditate (doing 5 minutes as I wake up to see if it is changing my view of the world). I was reading that we cannot even compare with a goldish, as the goldfish's average focus is 9 seconds, and a human average focus these days is 6 seconds. We are officially worst than a goldfish, in terms of attention span. That is saying a lot. I blame TV, smartphones, and tablets for this one!

Going from one thing to another, did you see that billionaire that is 38, but has a body with the markers of an 18-year-old? The guy is serious, spending around $2M per year for his immortality quest. But, there is always a but, who would want to work 12-16 hours per day towards living 100+ years. In doing this for as much, where are your joy and your happiness? Seems a bit obsessive to me, to wake up at 5.30 AM, take 24 supplements, do an elaborate routine of training and maintenance for another 4-5 hours, use 11 creams to keep your skin younger, be linked to all kinds of devices to improve your sleep, spend 2 hours with a dark glasses device to avoid the melatonin decrease and white light, and much more. This is not how I will spend my life, even if I want to live longer. Using the Pareto principle, I can probably achieve 80% of this the 20% of the time, using just the most effective techniques. To spend another 80% of the time for a marginal 20% of the extra benefits seems a price too high to pay. I am fine doing one hour daily, in order to improve my odds, but spending all my day in order to live forever, this made me think about that classic joke:

One guy goes to the doctor for a check, and the doctor asks:
-Do you drink alcohol?
-No, not a drop.
-Do you smoke?
-I never smoked.
-Do you eat fast food or any unhealthy food?
-No doctor, my body is my temple.
-How are you doing all this?
-I want to live more than 100 years.
-But why?

I always thought that moderation, the middle way, is the best way. Avoid both ends of any matter, all the excesses lead to destruction, one way or another. The answer is somewhere in the middle. Doing something too fast or too slow was never on my cards. And yes, sometimes I want to rush things, this is human nature, you may understand me. But in order to achieve greatness, I believe not in quantity, as much as in repetition. Rather than doing a lot for a short period of time, and getting exhausted, I would prefer average effort, done often, forever. Yin and yang.

What do you think? How do you approach things? What is your way to experiment and do some desired projects?

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And with this, I stop here. See you again tomorrow.

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