A better rank, a brighter hope - Splinter Stats Season 70 Report Card

I cannot stop stating, but I did reach Diamond I for the first time, with many other seasons to follow, I hope.


Match Report


Stat # Diamond Rank 338 Rating 3402 - Diamond I Rating High 3402 Ratio (Win/Loss) 1.26 (121/96) Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw) Infinity (1/0/0) Tournament Reward Placements 1/2 Longest Streak 7

The Win/Loss ration improved, going up to 1.26 with 121 games won and 96 lost.

Top 10 Summoner Usage


Top 100 Monster Usage


Win Rate by Ruleset



Tournaments Report


Tournament League Editions Placement/#entrants Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw) Prize SILVERSHIELD KNIGHTS ARE RECRUITING Silver Open 138/184 0.57 (4/7/0) 10.643 SPS


Reward Count Quantity SplinterShards (SPS) 1 10.643

I participated to 2 tournaments this month, with one winning placement and one lost.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards

Rarity Quantity 🔥DEC🔥 Common 79 395 Rare 15 300 Epic 2 200 Legendary 0 0 Total Standard 96 895

Gold Foil Cards

Rarity Quantity 🔥DEC🔥 Common 2 250 Rare 1 500 Epic 1 2500 Legendary 0 0 Total Gold 4 3250

Loot Chests

Reward Chests Dailies Season Total 💲Token Legendary Potions 15 6 21 🟡 840 Alchemy Potions 23 9 32 🟡 1600 DEC 474 87 - 🟣 561 CREDITS 0 0 - 🟡 0 CHAOS Packs 1 1 2 🟡 8000 Cards (Total) 67 33 100 🟣 4145

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play Wins DEC Earned 121 🟣 2168

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings 🟣 6874 DEC 🟡 10440 CREDITS

No legendary this season, but I did managed to find 4 Gold cards, out of which 2 common, one rare and one epic, all of them already rented. Two packs also, one from dailies and one from the season rewards.


🟣 Rental Report

Type DEC (fees) Revenue 3499.143 (86.394) Expenses (0.000) Cancellation Refunds 0.000 NET 3412.749

Rentals went up from 2682 last season to 3412 this season. I am buying few more cards and renting them when I can afford to do it.

⭐ SPS Report

Type ⭐ Amount Claimed Airdrop 4610.942 Staking Rewards 686.766 NET SPS 5297.708Voucher Drops 52.208 🎟️

With 52K SPS staked, i managed a decent 5297 SPS from both airdrop and staking rewards, with 52 Vouchers on top of that.

As for the total count, 10286 DEC, 10440 CREDITS, 5297 SPS and 52 Vouchers were gained for this season, worth $698.75 per total.

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