Portfolio Update: 6 Digits In Fiat Money!

Portfolio Update: 6 Digits In Fiat Money!

By Eybyoung | Crypto learnings | 19 Aug 2021

Disclaimer: If you are in crypto, updating and sharing your portfolio is normal. This means it's not bragging, it's part of our journey to monitor our progress. Read at your own risk. Don't think negatively, you'll get old!

It's been a while since I updated my portfolio, the market crash last May made me lost interest in updating it. But surely, I did all my best to accumulate more during the dip.. and my current portfolio is showing 6 digits in our fiat money!

I never thought I could have 6 digits savings in crypto, although I am aware that the price is constantly fluctuating and it is normal because crypto is volatile. Seeing 6 digits made me happy, I couldn't have it if I was not here as I am not employed at all.

Updated my holdings at CoinGecko


After I move my $CUB farming at Kingdoms, I updated my holdings with it in my portfolio from 31.728 to 39.57. I did update this from time to time, maybe I just didn't change the date when I did it. You see I am still at loss amounting to $55, but I don't mind it, I still believe it will up once the bull finally runs back.


I also added 1inch, I dunno why this 1inch is too slow to generate more 1inch maybe because I only have small capital on it. Still, I am at loss with this.


Almost 98% of my portfolio is BCH, I also added some yesterday and my current holdings are 5.72BCH. I don't want to sell my BCH that's why it is the majority of my portfolio. While some of the little coins I have are from my farming and Publish0x. It is showing $475 in profit maybe I did not pay attention to the price when I input add transactions, whatever.


That's all assets I have in my portfolio, as I sold most of my coin holdings last time, the ETH, AMPL, and IFARM are from Publish0x earnings. The IDEA is from airdrop, it was $35 when I receive it now it's only $10.6.

I still have YFI and UNFI at Binance but I didn't include them in my portfolio as I am trading them. I don't plan to hold it especially YFI as it was my loaned amount in Binance.

Overall Portfolio Balance

USD Digits


As for writing this article (yesterday) when the price of BCH is at $700+ the amount of my portfolio balance in USD is 4, 212.64, I am surprised to see the digits despite that the BCH price didn't cross $1000 yet.

Fiat (PHP) Digits


Just to exaggerate my excitement I also changed the currency into our fiat money. I was amazed that I already made 6 digits from my holdings. Like wow? I am not employed but do I have this amount?

I was glad that despite I keep selling some of my BCH for spendings lately I still manage to have intact holdings.

Closing Thoughts

My portfolio is not much compared to others but I am so happy because I am sure I have more, than others as well.

Seeing my portfolio in green made me happy, as it is not hurting my eyes but during the dip, I don't keep watching my wallet. I just busy myself accumulating instead of worrying because I know it will be up later on.

Thank you for reading!

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Crypto learnings

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