One Mans Low, Anothers High?

  I know I'm not the only one that has heard of the term defi winter or crypto winter. Unfortunately there are many people that are losing their profits with the fall of these coins and tokens and for them I offer my grievances because while I didn't lose a lot I'm down around $7. For somebody with a small investment of about $54 this is quite a chunk. If any of you are curious; most was lost in BAT, BAND, and XTZ. prices keep on falling.

  I can only imagine what it must have felt like to have an even bigger investment in something such as ETH or BTC, who sit at 4% and 6% drop, respectively.

  Now that we're past those condolences let's get to those investors looking to get into the crypto space.


  Its our time now to buy into whatever projects we can as prices keep on falling (if you have DYOR). Even though my main investments fell, causing me this loss, I don't think I'm going to move on to a different Token or Coin just for the fact that I have already researched these and I like what they stand to achieve and where they're headed.
  But since I do not know how far these projects may fall I am a bit hesitant to buy in or continue to fund my portfolio. Now that doesnt mean I wont continue to build it, as there is many other ways to earn Crypto aside from stock-like trading methods like Coinbase and Binance. You can find many of those methods here on Pub0x, if youre curious~

  To sum it up, if you have some disposable income, time to buy in as prices are low. 

This is not financial advice!
Aight? Aight. 


(⬇ all of us in a few years.. Maybe 😅)

Gonna be us.. But not yet

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