BAT_ Trading_Speculation
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BAT_ Trading_Speculation

The Brave Token (BAT) has begun to see a rise in value and I’m not surprised. It has been an
amazing way to bring more attention and users(?) to cryptocurrency, a huge reason why I am in this
market today. Not only does it provide a small source of income (in the form of BAT), it also brings us closer to a point where we control what of our information can be sold and subsequently benefit from what is.

Now to the matter at hand. It may be too early to tell but since BAT is awarded through ads,
mainly, it can be said that it is primary audience are those with a lower income, that can take advantage of these rewards with ‘constant’ ad viewing. With that being said I have noticed in the past few days that many of the transactions on BAT are done near periods of the day where their primary audience would be either leaving for work, at lunch, arriving from work, and lastly, before bed.


After the rise of BAT from .25 to .30, and finally to .33 cents per token, and the proceeding fall back to .30 cents: we see this pattern play out. The price fell from .33 to .30 cents at about 9 p.m.
central time, when many put everything down to settle in for the night. The following morning, after
seeing its price remain stable at .30 many proceeded to buy, with more doing the same after arriving home, around 4 to 6 p.m. the price rose to .32 where it remained until around 9 p.m. where many sold at its peak. This pattern continues and replays everyday around the same times.

Just something I noticed and wanted to share, maybe this is the opportunity we’ve been waiting 


I believe that we are what we are in fault of our surrounding information and accrued knowledge. Everything I post is in hopes of expanding others imagination and perspective of life around them. (Will be updated..regularly?)


Just things I've noticed on cryptocurrency and purchase patterns . etc.

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