My Crypto Journey - Week 2
My Crypto Journey - Week 2

By cryptojourney | crypto journey | 18 Feb 2020

First I would like to wish those of you that are U.S. readers Happy Presidents day should you be observing it. For those of you outside of the U.S. a happy Monday to you you and hopefully a good beginning of a new week. Secondly, thanks to those of you that chose to follow my new blog over the last week. It does mean a lot to me that at least a few of you took the time to read the last few posts and send a tip as well. Despite a down weekend for crypto I am still enjoying my project and find myself still checking the market quite often.

Over the last week I made my very first actual trade within the crypto market and I have to say it was a good thing that I did and bad at the same time due to using the profit that was gain off the NANO coins that I had acquired the week prior and missed the opportune time to make a profit. Unfortunately I put that back into buying up a little more XRP right before the value tanked over Saturday afternoon. On the bright side at the very least I hold a little more for when it goes back up. I hold high hopes for XRP as a hold for probable long term gains should it behave the way some analyst suggest. I hope they are right since much of this is really new for me dealing with the actual market behind cryptocurrency.

A couple weeks ago I posted about using faucets to collect crypto crumbs It definitely isn't the fastest way to earn cryptocurrency by any means. However, I mentioned that I was a bit unsure how I was going to approach using such as a means to an end. Over the last week I have still used a few to collect some as small as the gains in total are I still see some value to it. When I say the gains are small that's exactly what it is and what is expected. To put this into perspective, over 17 days of this experiment we are talking about 33 cents of bitcoin and 39 cents of Litecoin. To get a full perspective of this we are going to let whatever accrues through the end of the month and revisit the totals of these two coins in collection via faucets discounting any and all Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and CoinPot Tokens earned since the least valuable will become Litecoin and the most valuable Bitcoin. If that makes sense in any way.

To date here is where this project stands. Even with a bad weekend for cryptocurrency values with a major dip in prices I am no worse off than last week at this point in time. My limited portfolio is invested primarily in XRP, Stellar, and Ox. With a random addition of Doge and a paltry sprinkle of BCH that was gained late last week. Next Month will see some real additional value at the end of my faucet experiment when all coins fragments will ultimate cashed and valued in. Some BAT may get put into the mix early March and potentially some Tron if get enough to cash it out (not holding much hope for that, but you never know), and finally some Storm will be coming in just because I forgot I had it. Finally, I do have some ERC-20 Tokens adding up to some value, however I have yet to reach a cash out total to get them that I hope to get access to early March as well. I expect that I will likely just hold on to the BAT and Storm tokens for now and see where they go from there or if I want to exchange them for something more solid. If and when I get the ERC that will turn into something else for sure since it hold basically no value long term. However, their inherent cash value is pure profit since I play a game that gives them out for fun not for the tokens them self as they are essentially a bonus.

As you can see my portfolio is in basically an infancy stage so to speak, but there is a plan for adding more value and more diversity in total asset over time of this project. As I have alluded to over the last couple posts this journey into the cryptocurrency world is set up to be a year long which give plenty of time to keep learning what works, what doesn't and to experiment along the way. As with most of you I do intend to ultimately make a profit and that goes without saying. However, this is a journey with basically only an end goal in mind. So why no explore all the paths and see where they lead? I think that's where the real adventure is in all of this in the grand scope of the project.

crypto journey
crypto journey

This year I have started getting more into cryptocurrency than in years past. So I figured why not document my first real foray into the space now that I actually have some skin in the game.

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