The great success of Splinterlands

By nervi | Crypto Journalism | 13 Sep 2021

Splinterlands has undoubtedly come to symbolise the explosion in popularity of Play-2-Earn games on the blockchain over the past several months. The success the games have enjoyed can only be dreamed of. Now Splinterlands is the largest game on Hive and a very large percentage of transactions on the blockchain originate from this game.

To sign up for Splinterlands all you need is an email. By going through the link you can create an account and try your hand at this incredibly good card game for free. Playing your first matches you will see what rules the game follows and get to know a lot of cards and champions that will lead you to victory.


Market capitalisation, the number of players and popularity grew exponentially around Splinterlands. The graphs the creators share with us are simply fascinating. I've never seen such a situation that a seemingly ordinary game connected with cryptocurrencies would gain so much publicity in such a short time.


This is a graph published by the game's creators, above the number of Spellbooks bought each day. Gigantic increases and massive popularity of the title. And what is this Spellbook? A Spellbook is an item that allows you to earn money in Splinterlands. After buying this item for only $10 you are entitled to receive rewards every season which is about 15 days and rewards for daily quests which is really cool.

I personally managed to earn some money so I can now buy various things on the Internet. And all this thanks to Splinterlands. I invite you to familiarize yourself with this title, because such a constantly supported game Play-2-Earn on blockchain is unlikely to find. Sign up for Splinterlands today.

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