Bearish market - is there anything to worry about?

By nervi | Crypto Journalism | 18 Apr 2021

The price of DOGE has certainly surprised a great part of the community. The top 10 cryptocurrency is suddenly up over 400% in a week. Imagine what would happen if bitcoin grew like that!

You can see on the Binance website that over 930 cryptocurrencies have fallen and only 100 have grown. Ethereum is now at the level it was a week ago. Bitcoin has fallen gently and currently the price is over $55,000.

Is there anything to worry about during such a "red" market? No, not in my opinion. If everything was rising all the time then the world would go crazy. Eventually the price has to settle down and fall at least a little. This can be seen from the Bitcoin price chart of the last year. This price top has been around for quite a long time.

Is it then possible to make money on the dips? Of course, by playing the Short method. Sell now and wait for it to fall and we buy back the tokens at a lower price and the difference is ours. Of course, this will not always work. Some token may rebound from the general downtrend and rise, in which case we have to bear the cost of the opposite situation.

In all situations, we must act with caution and exchange cryptocurrencies with our heads, remember.

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