JustSwap liquidity pool - How much you can earn or lose - month 1

JustSwap liquidity pool - How much you can earn or lose - month 1

By diegoz | crypto_investings | 3 Jan 2021

For those who don't know JustSwap is a descentralized exchange on the tron platform;  like any other exchange of this type it comes with the feature of being able to add liquidity to any of its pools and earn some money with the fees of the exchange.

In this case i have added liquidity to the trx/dice pool. $Dice is trc20 from the wink platform.

Justswap liquidity pool

I added 140 usd and splitted 50 / 50 in the dice/ trx pool and so far these are my results.


As you can see i lost 12.16 usdt because of trx and dice lost of value. I didn't know wink was going to partner with binance to make blink... but anyway i'm will hold for 12 months and let you know if it was worth it. 

Here is the pool graphic you can see how dice value is going down because of blink and also because tron rised the fees 4x.


As always have a good one!

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