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This YouTube Series Will Convince Your Friends That Fiat is TRASH

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 3 Nov 2020

Hello friends!

Hope you're all having a glorious afternoon. I've got a very special one for you today:

My favorite YouTube series to share with friends, to convince them that fiat currency is garbage!

It's called: Hidden Secrets of Money, by Mike Maloney (I'll embed the actual videos below).

It's got infographics.

It's got explanations.

And best of all, it's got a whole lot of money printer stock videos.

BUT...here's the kicker:

Mike Maloney, the host of the series, isn't actually a Bitcoin guy. Aside from just one decent Bitcoin video in his flagship series, he's very clearly a hardcore Gold & Silver maximalist.

Mike Maloney: Crisis Unfolds, Gold to the Rescue ~ Intel

So Ben, you ask, how is a video series by a guy that doesn't like crypto supposed to convince my friends to buy crypto?

Here's the deal: sure, it'd be even more awesome if Mike was a crypto cheerleader. But in my opinion, in order to get people stoked on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, they must first learn how the current fiat system is absolutely f**king absurd (especially in the USA).

And that, my friends, is where Mike Maloney's videos shine like no other. From the very first episode, Mike breaks down the atrocities of our current fiscal policy with such incredible simplicity, that I truly have to give it to him: He explains the problems with the global financial system better than any crypto YouTuber I've ever seen.

This foundational knowledge is a critical step in opening people's eyes to alternative forms of money, whether it be Gold OR Crypto.

So, if you're committed to convincing your friends, acquaintances, or family to buy Bitcoin for the first time, here's what I recommend you do:

First, watch the Hidden Secrets of Money series yourself, so you get an understanding of why I believe Mike Maloney's ability to lay out the current system's problems overrides his unswerving love for physical gold.

Here are the first 4 videos, which I believe are the best of the series. If you like it enough to watch the rest, simply go to YouTube and continue through the playlist. 

After finishing at least the first episode, you'll probably understand why I recommend these videos to all crypto-enthusiasts, despite him not mentioning crypto a single time. (Note: If you do decide to dive into the full series, you'll see that he does finally touch on Bitcoin in episode 8).

If the amount of gold-pumping bugs you, just do what I did: Before showing them to your friends/family, just let them know that this series was made by a career gold-bull, and was also filmed before Bitcoin was even on people's radar. Personally, I also told my parents to just replace the word "gold" with "Bitcoin" each time he says it.

Once your friends/family finish Episode 4, and become sufficiently stunned at how much of a hoax fiat currency is, it's time to take the next step in enlightening them...by introducing them to the wild word of cryptocurrency!

To do this, I recommend you next check out my post: "13 Best YouTube Videos for Crypto Newbies".  In it, I lay out my 13 favorite YouTube videos that do the best job describing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, as well as why everyone should be allocating a portion of their investment portfolio into it.

ALRIGHT FOLKS, you've got your work cut out for you!!

Go watch that Hidden Secrets of Money YouTube series above, show it to your friends and family, then follow it up with my "13 Best YouTube Videos for Crypto Newbies" post to take them on the next step of their crypto journey.

As always, please share your feedback on all of those videos below! I'd love to hear what you think of them, and if you know any other good ones that I should add to the list.




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