13 Best YouTube Videos to Share With Crypto Newbies
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13 Best YouTube Videos to Share With Crypto Newbies

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 16 Jul 2020


Humans in the 21st century love videos.


They're informative, they're replayable, and they give us the opportunity to learn as much as we desire to, for free.

This makes them absolutely perfect for something that I hope everyone at Publish0x feels passionate about: Introducing no-coiners to the space.

We all know the crypto field can be a bit intimidating from the outside looking in, so today, I'll be sharing my personal favorite YouTube videos to share with friends and family that are intrigued by the idea of blockchain & crypto, but aren't the most technically savvy.


1. The problem with fiat money:

Anyone that's followed Mike Maloney's work knows that he's far from a crypto guy. He's firmly committed to gold and silver, and has actually talked against crypto on some occasions. But your friends don't need to know that when watching his most popular videos, which have a simple goal: Exposing fiat money as the pile of steaming crap it is.

If you can't get over the fact that he's more bullish on gold than crypto, just follow this rule: Each time he talks about the greatness of gold, remind yourself: Bitcoin is digital gold. His proposed solution may be different than ours, but I still had to include him on this list because he's the best in the game at breaking down how utterly absurd the financial status quo is.


2. The problem with our current financial system:

There's no question why this video has nearly 10 million views. It's the most well-articulated breakdown of our mess of a financial system available on the internet in my opinion, and should be essential watching for EVERYONE that doubts that we need to make a change.

I still watch this video occasionally, to remind myself why I'm opting out of the government's mess to join the crypto economy.

Don't feel dumb if you need to watch this video several times to absorb everything. It's a lot to digest.


3. The problem with centralization:

Another take on the status quo's flaws by an undisputed legend in the realm of Bitcoin: Andreas Antonopoulos. This is one of my favorites of his, although I admit I haven't dug super deep into his YouTube channel portfolio. If anyone else knows of a better AA video, let me know in the comments!


4. How Bitcoin solves all of these problems:

One of the most comprehensive breakdowns I've come across on one of the web's most common google searches over the last decade: "What is Bitcoin?" 


5. How Bitcoin would change the economy:

At just over 3 minutes, this is the best video in this list for people with a short attention span. I love how The Guardian put together eye-catching visuals in its explanations for how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could potentially upend the current financial system.


6. How decentralization will improve the lives of third-world citizens:

Many of you will recognize Charles Hoskinson, as he's the frontman of Cardano.

Despite references to a couple of outdated projects (the video is from 2014), the theoretical case study he articulates is timeless.


7. How everyone's lives will change under a blockchain standard:

Coming in at over 3 Million views, this TED talk is one of the most viral on the blockchain topic; and it's no question why. The speaker, Don Tapscott does a fantastic job demystifying the world-changing, trust-building technology of blockchain. As the video's description states, "Blockchain represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society."


8. How crypto will open new opportunities for independent creators:

The previous video by Don Tapscott touches on this, but Laura Shin does an excellent job shedding some extra light on crypto's potential to open up limitless revenue streams for average people.


9. How cryptocurrency will fit into human history:

Some of the YouTube comments cited how this guy is about as casual as you'll see from any TED speaker, but I like it! People like casual. Definitely worth the watch and share for folks that don't have a very clear idea of what crypto is doing.


10. Common Bitcoin questions answered:

Most crypto folks have heard of Anthony Pompliano. Many dislike him for being hardcore Bitcoin maximalist, but I disagree. While I don't agree with him on everything, you can't deny that he does a fantastic job breaking down the fundamentals of the undisputed king in the cryptocurrency space.

This podcast is a top pick of mine for 2 reasons:


a. It's hilarious.


Bill Burr is an extremely funny dude, so it's genuinely enjoyable to watch this conversation unfold. We all know that having conversations with our friends and family about Bitcoin can be a bit of a slog, so this entertainment aspect can't be understated.


b. Bill and Bert represent a HUGE portion of the population's knowledge baseline.


They both have a barebones understanding of how the government and centralization is screwing us, but beyond that, they need a helping hand from Anthony. This is a BEAUTIFUL thing to have, since so many viewers of this video will be able to relate to these "normal guys."


11. What makes Bitcoin a valuable asset?

This video is a summary of the book "The Bitcoin Standard" (which I can't wait to review in my Best Crypto Books series!!)

Basically, it's a simplified breakdown of the characteristics of Bitcoin that make it such a valuable thing to accumulate in your investment portfolio. Thus, it's especially great for those interested in HODLing and/or investing in Bitcoin or other cryptos for the long-term.


12. What are you getting yourself into when you invest in crypto?

If you liked the conversational format of the Bill Burr and Anthony Pompliano video, you'll definitely want to check this one out too. Here are its key differences compared to Pomp's feature on the Bill Bert Podcast:

  • More visuals & infographics
  • More streamlined and organized
  • More about the cryptocurrency space as a whole, not just Bitcoin

I personally loved both videos. Definitely check both out when deciding which one you'd like to share around!


13. How smart contracts will change the world:

Smart contracts are a perfect example of how blockchain technology will improve the world beyond the financial side of things. This video is perfect to share with someone who feels they have a decent grasp of Bitcoin, and are curious about the next tier of crypto projects like Cardano and Ethereum.



Alright gang, that's all I've got for you today!


If you enjoyed these helpful resources, I highly recommend you check out my follow-up post: The 13 Best Crypto Podcasts of All Time.





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