Don't Piss away your Money -- Invest in Urine!

By Anony | Crypto Fool | 16 Oct 2019

As crypto people we are always looking for the next big thing. The next coin that will provide insane returns like BTC did in the early days. Well, maybe we don't have to look any further, as my research has turned up a unique investment opportunity.

There are many commodities worth considering, such as gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds, but have you considered investing in urine? Perhaps you haven't for some odd reason, but I assure you, urine is liquid gold! Urea is used for fertilizing farms, or so I have read, and since everyone needs to eat, that means there must be a market with an unquenchable thirst for more and more urine.

Now the difficulty is how exactly do we make an investment into urine? Do we call up Roto-Rooter or our local sewage department? That is unlikely to lead anywhere besides odd reactions, laughter and finally being hung up on ... as I have learned, many, many times.

However crypto has supplied us with an easy way to invest. Urocoin is backed by metric ton of urea. Using traditional investment methods, we'd need to store and care for this urine ourselves. I don't know about you, but my toilet probably can't hold that much liquid, and my backyard pool might annoy the neighbors (and also be difficult to swim in) if I filled it to the brim with urine.

Urocoin makes it simple though, all you need to do is buy the coin and you too can be soaking in the urea riches like the ultra-wealthy do. Founded in 2014, Urocoin was mired in a little bit of controversy as it seems naysayers and "government officials" were skeptical of the coin's claims. Personally I think 'Big Urine' were behind these false claims, as they didn't want to see smaller investors encroach on their territory. This happens with many new inventions and endeavors, so I wouldn't let such talk sway you from such a great investment opportunity. I also wouldn't worry about the fact the website has been down for several years and the blockchain isn't working any longer. Those are just technical details that are easy to work out.

Urocoin can still be traded on an exchange or two out there, and that's all that matters, as we can now easily turn our cash into digital urine. Just think about that ... you flush your urine away everyday, but now you can flush your money into urine instead... amazing!

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