What's in my crypto portfolio?

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 29 Aug 2020

Hello and welcome to another article!

I'm taking a break from the purely trading related stuff and giving a deeper dive into my portfolio.

Now I won't be giving insights into my ENTIRE portfolio. I have gems in there that took months of research and I wouldn't like to give their names away for free. However I'll give a general overview of what's in my portfolio.

That is : the major coins that everyone knows and loves.

Let's get started!

1. BAT

Anyone here from March knows how much I absolutely love this token. Not because of it's spontaneous and random 10% runs back in the bear market, but because of the fundamentals. Which are great by the way.

They have a working product which isn't a prototype, and they have a token to back it up.

They also give regular updates to the browser, and the browser itself isn't bad to use.

They are also constantly expanding their reach outside of the countries they already support, meaning that they are making more investments all over the globe than just being region specific. This would in turn expose more users to BAT, thereby raising it's market cap and ultimately it's price.


2. Bitcoin

I don't really care what you think about Bitcoin, but it should make up at least 20% of any crypto portfolio for that portfolio to be considered as "balanced" in any way.

Bitcoin is the market leader and had been profitable to hold ever since its inception.

This year alone, I'm up about 213% on my bitcoin holdings, and all I did was buy and hold. Which is insane.

Bitcoin also controls price movement of all other cryptocurrencies, so it's probably a good idea to keep some for stability of your portfolio.


3. Ethereum

Ethereum also makes up a decent chunk of my portfolio. It is the smaller brother to bitcoin, and one that has also appreciated over the past few months.

I've been able to successfully increase my holding stash of ETH through trading Uniswap vaporware, so I am very thankful for that because I believe this would be worth a lot more than $400 in the coming years.

Everything is built upon Ethereum nowadays, and while fees are an issue, I believe they wouldn't be for too long.


4 Binance coin

While this is a weird addition, I'm not really going to bet against a Chinese billionaire who owns the world's largest spot crypto exchange.

CZ is a whale and a market guru. He knows what projects to buy and which to get rid of. He knows how to handle the competition: By buying then up.

I strongly believe that Binance would be the world's largest exchange for everything in a few years time, and while BNB doesn't have much utility now, it would benefit if Binance grows to extreme lengths. Which is why I hold 15% of my portfolio in it.

Now where did I buy these coins?

  • Bought BAT at $0.08 in March. Extremely proud of that decision.
  • Started accumulating BTC at 9300, then accumulated even more at $3800. 
  • Accumulated ETH at 212, then 200 and a lot at 80.
  • Accumulated BNB at $5. Still hold every last bit of it.

Thanks for reading! What does your portfolio look like? Let me know down below.


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