Payday is tomorrow! Here are some things you can do with your BAT, ETH and LRC!

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 30 Aug 2020

Before we get started, please join my telegram group here for all my altcoin trades. I take both short and long term trades, and I share them all in here. 

Hello and welcome to another article. 

Payday is tomorrow on Publish0x, and that means you're finally getting rewarded for all the reading you did all through the week.

But what's the right way to put those rewards to use?

Let's have a look!

In this article, I'll give you something you can do with each one of the tokens we earn here.

For most of the things here, you'll need:

  • A Binance account
  • Trust wallet
  • To know how to use Compound.



ETH is extremely versatile. Unfortunately, fees have been weighing it down, but it doesn't change the fact that it's still a very useful token.

Here are a few things you can do with your ETH tomorrow:

  • Use it to pay gas!: with all the absurd gas fees going around, you can actually use your Ethereum to pay for gas to send your LRC and BAT out. Not a very useful use since we earn majority of our earnings in ETH, but a use nonetheless.
  • Invest in some Uniswap vapor: Uniswap is a pretty big deal right now. I was lucky enough to buy 1YFI at $450, and now it's worth over $25000. I bought it in Uniswap. This isn't a go ahead to become a degenerate Uniswap trader, but doing a bit of research could allow you to make some money, even with your Publish0x earnings.
  • Save on Binance savings: Sending ETH itself isn't that expensive,so you can send your earnings to Binance and receive a constant APY on there.(remember: Send to a wallet FIRST, and then to Binance. Don't send to Binance directly)
  • HODL! Ethereum will melt faces when it crosses above $500. While holding on Binance savings yields you interest, the money is still on Binance. Which means you can be tempted to spend it. However, holding in a private wallet will eliminate selling from your mind.



  • Trade it on LRC DEX: Trading your LRC on LRC DEX is one fun way to multiply your LRC. Now I don't recommend you trade on Binance because of the small size of Publish0x withdrawals. Simply send your tokens to your Metamask wallet, then connect your MetaMask to the DEX and start trading. If you don't know how to trade, I have a complete course here in my telegram.
  • HODL as well!: I posted a fractal here a few weeks ago (I've taken it down now, too much information was out for free) where I compared LRC to BAND before the breakout. Essentially, LRC looks exactly like BAND before BAND had its parabolic run. 



  • Trade it on Binance! : I post trade ideas here on Publish0x. If you're practicing how to trade, you can use your Publish0x earnings to practice a bit on Binance with my trade ideas, and learn while doing. You don't lose anything as you learn and you're not using your own money.
  • Save as well: I have a big stash of BAT and I encourage everyone to also have one of those. They will pay off soon.
  • Use Binance savings: If you want to hold but also want to partake *slightly* in market movements, you can earn about 1.5% APR on your BAT savings on Binance. This isn't the biggest or best APR, but it surely beats holding without earning interest.


That's my list! Did I miss anything you can use your tokens for? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! Till the next post.

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