Complete Guide: How to start earning cyptos by claiming faucets

By Mr. Smart | Crypto Fever | 26 Mar 2021

In case you don't know what a faucet is let me give you a quick and short walk through of it . You must have seen taps in all around you imagine they are faucets they store a huge amount of water and when we start the tap we get some water of it now in crypto industry imagine i have a site that have a bag full of bitcoins and i give you chance to get some amount from it but not for free you have to do something for me like i will say you to go and get me a glass full of water then if you do show i will give some amount from my bag of bitcoin to you and when you get the crypto from then you can say that you have claimed a faucet. Let me explain it in real terms, now there are several websites they have serval cryptos and you want to claim from that but they won't give it to you for free instead they will ask you to view advertisements or visit shortlinks etc and after you do that you will receive your share.

Now i hope you have understood what faucet and faucet claiming is so lets get towards it.

Where will i recieve payments:

There are several faucets some which gives directly to your wallet address which may even charge you fees but there are some other faucets that will pay you through some kinds of micropayment websites and the payment will be instant if they use micropayments . Now after reading you must have understood that use should mostly use micropayments faucet instead of direct paying ones so now i will take you to the most used micropayments website where you can receive payments from faucets most of you already know about that but still i want to mention about it i personally use this site and as per my calculations i have earned more than 100$ from this site and its faucets the sites name is FaucetPay it currently have more than 1.4 million users and also the support team of Faucetpay is really quick than others .

Now lets talk about how can i withdraw from faucetpay to your own wallet :

Firstly you need to add you wallet address in it and then go to withdrawal section and withdraw and you will get that in your wallet soon . You must be thinking why i am not guiding you through whole steps the answer is that  faucetpay's ui and functions are so user friendly that even a small child can understand and use.


What if you need some immediate help 

In case you need some type of help from faucetpay you can just go to their official telegram group click here to enter the group. Below is  a list of most smart and quick admins of faucetpay telegram group:

  • Eilhart
  • Carole
  • Gilang
  • Mr bit (Ownet)

You can find them all in the group.


Bellow you can see current minimum withdrawals of faucetpay


The minimum withdraws are curently much high due to an recent security incident of faucetpay but it has full chances of decreasing the minimum withdrawal in few months.


List of some best faucets that faucetpay supports:

More Money – Collect from the faucet & click links to earn 1000+ Satoshi per day.

Go Bits – Easy to use bitcoin faucet, claim 6-100 Satoshi every 6 minutes, claim many times each day.

Earn Sats – Claim from the faucet, click on links and complete offers to get 1000+ satoshi per day.

Fautsy – Get 7 – 100 Bitcoin Satoshi every 5 minutes, claim many times daily.

Fire Faucet – Claim bitcoin and many other coins daily, click on links to earn more.

eFaucet – Good multi coin faucet that pays instantly into faucet pay, claim every 60 minutes.

Doge Bits – Claim small bits of dogecoin every 3 mins, min 15 faucet claims to make withdrawal.


Note these links were reteived from with full credits from the owner


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