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DEXToken Protocol: The Ultimate DeFi Ecosystem Innovation

Constructing an Innovative Ecosystem

To get things started, I would like to introduce you to some background information about the development team and their ambitions. The Dextoken Protocol is the incredible innovation brought to you by the minds behind The Flowchain Foundation. While this article will focus on the Dextoken protocol, I believe that knowing the team behind a project is one of the most important and possibly overlooked aspects when trying to understand the goals and ambition of a new project for the long term. 

The Flowchain Foundation Background Breakdown:

The development of the Flowchain foundation and, subsequently, the native Flowchain blockchain was created to serve the rising IoT market with enhanced security and data protection through the use of blockchain infrastructure to provide solutions that other IoT projects are falling short on developing. According to the Flowchain foundation webpage, the Flowchain Foundation was an APAC top 10 IoT solutions provider. The article can be viewed through the following link: APAC Flowchain.

This success with the IoT services of Flowchain inspired the team to continue innovating, and by September 20th, 2019, they announced their official tokenomics research center. This new project allows Flowchain to utilize their amalgamation of knowledge they accumulated with their $FLC token release. While the unpredictable trading patterns within the cryptocurrency markets ensure this will be a daunting task, as eventually, they designed a computational algorithm that continually analyzes the tokenomics of the Flowchain coin.  Additionally, their solutions are applied to other altcoins by employing a combination of traditional economic models and previously successful tokenomic applications. 


DexToken Protocol: Introducing The Innovation Timeline

Now that you have some background information about the new Dextoken protocol's foundation by understanding the purpose, utilization, and tokenomics of the $DEXG on the Dextoken platform, it will be more intuitive. At this time, the Flowchain foundation has already had a successful run for several years, and they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of ordinary cryptography and tokenomics.

According to the official Dextoken webpage and their developmental roadmap, you can see their previous achievements and current aspirations, one of which is the Dextoken Protocol.


The Speculative AMM establishes price valuation models based on the properties of a blockchain network: Users, transaction needs, platform utilization rate, interest rate, and other characteristics.


In 2018, the Flowchain Foundation released a white paper titled "The Tokenized Hardware Whitepaper," which depicted the blueprint of real-world hardware tokenization.


Flowchain Foundation established the Tokenomics Research Center and published the academic white paper titled "Volatility effect on the adoption and valuation of tokenomics" at the SAC '20: Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing Conference.

Press ReleaseAcademic White Paper


Launch DEXToken Swap Exchange. Observing the DeFi movement's upsurge, Flowchain quickly recognized the importance of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) concept for decentralized exchanges.

The Speculative AMM algorithm proposed to provide the cryptocurrency world with a brand new approach to AMM that provides the foundation of a genuinely decentralized exchange.


Expand Speculative AMM and its product line:

1. Inflationary Tokens Speculative AMM

2. Off-Chain Tokens Speculative AMM

3. Derivatives Tokens Speculative AMM


Flowchain will closely align with government policies and actively develop into a service provider for IoT finance, digital finance, and decentralized finance.

As you can see, they have already had quite the impressive accomplishments since their 2018 whitepaper was released. When the Flowchain foundation began monitoring the DeFi boom, they noticed a significant flaw within other DeFi projects. They knew they could create a solution to improve them and quickly began working on the next best thing to come to DeFi. The newly created DEXToken Protocol is pioneering an entirely new technology that uses an innovative technique to fix the currently flawed Automated Market Maker (AMM) system that is ubiquitous throughout DeFi projects, i.e., the exceptionally well known Uniswap.  


DEXToken Protocol: Evolving AMM with Decentralized Speculation

A standard Automated Market Maker system combined with the already high volatility of the cryptocurrency market creates opportunities for the creation of formidable volatility. This type of tremendous volatility is due primarily to the over-speculation by a few large whales who hold a large majority of a specific coin or token. The primary issue with over-speculation in DeFi is the subsequent market changes that occur, resulting in significant benefits for whales and large bag holders while simultaneously causing massive losses for the vast majority of the market. 

You might be asking yourself, how can the DEXToken Protocol change everything? The DEXToken Protocol will utilize the standard architecture and principles of previously successful AMM projects to ensure friction-less usability. The Flowchain Foundation will be the first project to release a complete universal pricing model that will employ the newly pioneered Speculative AMM.  This model's implemenation will continually evaluate token volatility and predict price action to limit the extent to which over-speculation can harm the market and everyone other than whales. Sorry Arbitrage traders!

At this time, the ability to utilize the protocol is quite simple; However, I would like to note that the project is still in BETA; You can provide liquidity in the form of the native $DEXG token in which you will earn more $DEXG. In comparison, the pair DEXG-USDC will also earn you more $DEXG. I have placed a nice view of the web page for your viewing.



Once you get to this screen and decide which option you would like to choose to provide liquidity, you will then be taken to an information and confirmation page. This UI is quite a nice layout, and the information you will see is how much you are staking, the total amount being staked currently, the current market price of DEXG, and the expected profit you will receive. Another image is provided below:




The Exclusivity of $DEXG Tokenomics and Utility.

The ingenuity of The Flowchain Foundation ceases to amaze! Once again, they have entirely reorganized and repurposed a standard market practice to combine the years of token utility achievements and failures to present a truly unique cryptocurrency! The team reviewed the stable coin industry and realized that there must be a way to create a valid utility token while maintaining predictably stable volatility based on actual blockchain activity. This function is another important aspect of the DEXToken protocol.  It utilizes the information it gathers from the DEX volatility and actively applies any alterations in the market's volatility to the $DEXG token. This application of the DEXToken protocol is designed to continually alter the tokenomics of the $DEXG token for super enhanced next-generation investing, staking, and trading. 

Directly from the DEXToken White paper are the benefits: 

For Investors
The DEXToken protocol enables investors to avoid
the risk of over-speculation losses. When cash flows
are required at a future date, selling tokens has a low
risk of fund loss. The DEXG token model implements
a low volatility AMM model that ensures a low
exchange rate volatility in crypto trading pairs.
For Stakers
DEXToken protocol allows stakers to deposit multiple
assets based on the volatility of each asset.
Additionally, the Staking Pool can ensure token
liquidity by employing the Speculative AMM swap
For Arbitrageurs
Speculative AMM allows traders to arbitrage
transactions between the DEXToken Exchange
and other exchanges.
For Quants
Quantitative trading algorithms do not need to use
technical indicators as a basis and, in theory, do not
require historical trading data.


The DEXToken-Protocol Ecosystem: Off Chain Compatibility

The entire ecosystem being developed by The Flowchain Foundation is quite extensive, brilliant, and there will be more to come, I am sure of it! First, the universal price model for the DEXG token was the beginning of creating their marveled speculative AMM protocol, which has the core principles of the universal price model. They then took it several steps further and incorporated off-chain compatibility, which first allows for the use of the speculative AMM technology off-chain. Second, it creates the ability for off-chain verified transactions through the DEXToken protocol. The last couple of things that will bring everything together are creating a proper staking model for the DEXG token, producing a token swap exchange, pool, and fully decentralized exchange with an accelerated order book.  

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