This New Wallet And DeFi Access App Is Trying To Fix Crypto Problems

By reedyzzx | Crypto Education | 1 Sep 2020


In the past few months, DeFi has been going crazy. The crypto market is getting mainstream again just like late 2017 because of the DeFi craze.  DeFi has become a big thing in the crypto space, as a total sum of $9.03 billion (as of 1 September) has been locked in many popular DeFi protocols like $Compound, $Sushiswap, and $YFI. 

For many crypto users, the usual question that comes to their mind is: "I don't know how to store and stake my cryptocurrencies in one same application, where should I start?", and the more advance users also want to have a one-stop decentralized solution for everything they do on the blockchain. Many crypto users are fragmented when it comes to wallet, where to swap tokens, and others. And on top of that, they want a decentralized solution without any compromise.

One Stop Decentralized Solution

Enter Lead wallet. It is a simple and feature-rich multi-cryptocurrency wallet with a beautiful UI for easy understanding, storage of multiple assets, and direct access your favorite DeFi protocols from various different blockchains.


Crypto traders and DeFi lovers can spontaneously access their favorite DeFi protocols directly from Lead wallet, and the best part of it is that all the relevant digital assets will be accepted. Everything is fully decentralized, just like Metamask, but more user friendly, and will support various blockchain protocols like Polkadot, Cosmos Network, NEO, Tron, Bitcoin, and others.

Imagine the cross-chain possibilities, especially with the recent DeFi craze on different blockchain protocols. You will need something that's more advanced but as secure and as direct as Metamask. Lead Wallet is an ambitious project to give you access to all these different blockchains.

In the past few months, Lead wallet already announced two different partnerships. The first partnership is with ChangeNow Exchange, which will create an exchange gateway for the users to exchange between digital assets. And secondly, LID, a liquidity dividends protocol that will spearhead LEAD tokens pre-sale straight through its smart contract mechanism on September 3rd. If you are wondering why this wallet needs its own token, well, Lead Wallet will use LEAD token to incentivize its users, such as with its staking service, and with its quarterly burn token model from Lead Wallet revenues.

LEAD Token Presale


The deflationary token model of LEAD reminds me to BNB. The more users Lead wallet has, the bigger the revenue will be. On top of that, Lead Wallet team also has a plan to incentivize its users to stake various popular cryptocurrencies as well as DeFi tokens and they will get LEAD tokens as their extra rewards. This is huge as no other non-custodial wallet solution has been able to promote the same idea.

To read the full details of LEAD token presale, you can go to LEAD Medium post - click here

Make sure to follow their Telegram ANN channel as well to keep informed:

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