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Is Nano Green Yet? - Eco friendly crypto

By Marior | Crypto Economics | 10 Aug 2020 is a cool website with an ambitious mission: collecting donations to offset the CO2 produced by Nano’s nodes and transactions by planting trees to capture CO2 from the atmosphere.


Nano obviously starts with a big advantage: while a bitcoin transaction requires on average around 950 kWh, a Nano transaction just needs 0.112 kWh of energy, almost ten thousand times less.

Even so, Nano’s ecosystem is already pretty large and it will take a lot of effort to completely offset its emissions. The website has been running for some time, and trees have already been planted with the money collected from the donations. If there were no more donations, the current trees would completely offset Nano’s emissions in a little more than 31 years.


That’s why I think it would be good to showcase this project: the mission is hard but the result is achievable, and with a little bit of effort we will be able to make it!

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