Sesameseed - Multi-Blockchain Block Producer | Everything you need to know about them

By ultron91x | CryptoDossier | 24 Mar 2020

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Complete Understanding of Sesameseed

Most of us know about Sesameseed as a Tron Blockchain representative and mostly all TRX holders have staked their TRX coins for Sesameseed at-least once. Along with Tron, Sesameseed is block producer on Ontology blockchain and recently integrated with Harmony blockchain as well. So now, It is multi-blockchain block producer. 

Sesameseed distributes their 80% rewards to stake holders in form of SEED tokens and rest of them between SEEDGerminator and operating expenses. SEED token value is pegged by earned rewards from multiple blockchains, which never goes down.

Sesameseed also known for their initiatives as well, like we all know about a very famous tipping both, Seedit, as we all have used it many times while tipping TRX coin or tokens either on twitter or telegram. Holders of Ontology (ONT) coin had a big relief when Sesameseed built a decentralized exchange for them, known as Ontology Dex. Now, they have created a decentralized blockchain wallet, Sprout, which will be a single place to stake all coins and tokens from all blockchain that Sesameseed represents, including you can swap your SEED tokens between multiple blockchains.

For complete understanding of Sesameseed, please watch my new youtube video, In this video, i talked about Harmony blockchain integrations and included a demonstration of Sprout which will help you to understand its functionality.

To know about staking Ontology (ONT) coin for Sesameseed, please watch this video and i have included Ontology Dex demonstrations too.

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