Comparison between Syndication & Binance Launchpool Sale

In principle, both the benefits are discounted crypto sale that you become eligible to participate and buy for supporting their own exchange tokens CRO & BNB. On both Exchange & Binance Exchange, you will get a pro-rata calculated allocation to participate first based on your eligibility, and then you can use your exchange token (CRO or BNB) to buy the discounted tokens. 

However here are 2 key differences and a summary of how to participate.

Staking or Locking Period for Eligibility

In, you will have to Stake the CRO into the 180 day locking period on the Exchange. There are 5 tiers of staking that determines your eligibility. Additionally there is a trading volume requirement which means you should have done a 30 day trading of minimum 5000$ to be able to participate. This means even if you are staking a lot of CRO on the exchange, but have not done 5000$ of trading, then you are not allowed to participate in the Syndication.



In Binance, you don't need to lock up your BNB in staking for the eligibility. (Note that there is a small lock up period for participating on the Sale, but not for the eligibility). The eligibility is just based on your average BNB balance.

Participation & Lockup period for the Sale

This is the big difference. In Exchange you are required to lockup your CRO for the sale for nearly 8 days after your begin participation. This is because have increased the calculation period from 2 days to 7 days. In the below example, the CRO you lock up for Syndication on 31-03-2021 06:00 will only be released on 07-04-2021 06:00 .


In Binance however, your calculation period is only 1 hour. Which means you are only required to lock up the BNB for a maximum of 5 hours or a minimum of 1 hour. For e.g. today morning the subscription deadline was 09:00 GMT and Token distribution is 10:00 GMT. Even though you can subscribe and lock it up from 05:00 GMT.


Hope this was helpful.

You can sign up to Exchange here

You can sign up to Binance here

Also, if you are interested in a detailed demo of Syndication & how it works with a live example, please watch my episode below.


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