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By busyjordy | crypto-corner | 3 Jan 2022


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In this article we're talking about Matrixport - the largest and fastest growing crypto bank in Asia and I recently started using their mobile App for making interest on my crypto - yes, I'm adding yet another service for this because I want to spread my capital across multiple platforms, as well as using their crypto-backed loans and even trading - this is the only app I found, that doesn't charge fees for trading, so I'm very excited to be a user and will give you my opinion on it.

You may have heard of Matrixport because it is not a new start-up, it was launched a couple of years back - in 2019 and has very quickly become one of Asia’s fastest-growing digital asset financial services platforms.

The first thing I want to point out is that it's founded by Jihan Wu - the billionaire founder also of Bitmain, the biggest producer of mining rigs, ASICs and other mining equipment in the world. If you've been in crypto for a few years, you must know this name.
Jihan recently left Bitmain to focus on Matrixport which makes me take this more seriously and gives me confidence that it's a business that will grow and will continue to do really well, so I don't feel I'm taking a high risk with this one. They actually have a free trial for new customers, so you can test it without any risk. As I said, it is huge in Asia already and they're now expanding to Europe and other regions. With $10 billion in assets under management and custody, they provide really a one-stop shop for various crypto services.
These include institutional custody, trading, lending, fixed income yield, structured products and asset management to both retail and institutional investors.
Indeed, it's an all-round crypto suite with everything you need as an investor or holder of cryptocurrencies.
It's based in Singapore and it's just two years in business but they're already setting records: In August 2021, Matrixport reportedly reached unicorn status with a $1b dollars valuation.
The goal is to “Make Crypto Easy For Everyone” and to allow more users globally to embrace its cryptocurrency financial services platform.
Jihan is determined to make this a global platform and in my opinion, the fact that they're now scaling outside of Asia is quite a big deal. The company also is planning to go public and aims to have hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under management and custody within five years. That's quite reassuring.
You can buy cryptocurrencies using your bank account or credit card. Or you might want to take a loan with your crypto collateral. This is a very popular service nowadays, I am using it all the time - mostly during market crashes and pullbacks that can last for a few months and during that time I don't like selling my crypto, so I take a loan and will use the funds during the correction, then later, when the market is up again, I can pay out that loan and this way I'm saving myself from losses, I can wait as long as it's necessary to sell my crypto at higher prices and not lose any profits. It's a great way to manage your capital and protect yourself from losses. In fact, this whole year I've been operating with this mechanism and I'm very glad that I'm finding more services that enable this as I can use multiple services and spread out my capital rather than having it all in one place.

This is also important for me, because I don't like concentrating my money too much in one platform, so you've seen me talk about a few other services as well (Nexo, Blockfi, Celsius and Vauld).

The collateral you provide for the loans here can be in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, USDT and USDC and these are also the coins that you can borrow in.
In regards to the savings accounts there's flexible savings and fixed term savings, of course, the fixed term are the ones that pay more, and the interest is being added on hourly basis and compounded interest is possible, which means that over time your earnings grow exponentially - if you know about compound interest, then you know what I mean - I've also talked about this many times on this channel.

Also, they offer special bonuses for new customers - you can get up to $45 and a free trial with a 1288 USDC, so everyone can give this a test run - I say everyone, but the app is not available to US customers, so yet again, sorry you guys in the states, you're left out but maybe not for too long, who knows...
There is a KYC involved, so you won't be able to go around it, but for those who are not in the US - completing the KYC unlocks all the features and gives you a bonus that you can use, and it's a very standard KYC, in fact, it's just ID that you're submitting, there's no address verification - at least for now, so it's a quick process.
Also, you get up to 3 withdrawals for free each month, depending on your membership level. But from my experience, I don't actually withdraw too often, so even with just one withdrawal per month for free, it's great. I mean, some months I borrow a lot, but then other months I don't at all, so there's no need to withdraw. Most importantly, the company is with excellent track record so far, they already manage customers funds to the amount of $10 billion and have a $5 billion of monthly trading volume, which is more than any crypto lending platforms, but again - this is not just a lending platform, it's a complete suite of different services and trading here is done without a fee, so naturally, it's a very popular service - all exchanges are charging us fees, so why not do the trading of some assets here. Especially if you're going to hold assets in the savings plans for the interest, you can switch between various coins to maximise your profit, or maybe you want to actually trade on a regular basis - you can do this here without paying fees.

If you want to find out more, check out my video where I also go through the mobile app interface and the different features and how to use them, so this will give a much better overview on what you can do with Matrixport and don't forget to use my invite link if you choose to download it and give it a try.

The welcome bonuses right now are up to $50 (and even up to $100 throughout December) so it's worth testing it.

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