Crypto Total Marketcap hits $1 Trillion today

Crypto Total Marketcap hits $1 Trillion today

By busyjordy | crypto-corner | 7 Jan 2021

For the first time ever, we hit $1 trillion (USD) in total market capitalization – that’s for all cryptocurrencies currently on the market.

This is a huge deal and what a great way to start the year.

Next milestone will be turned when Bitcoin’s own market cap goes to $1 trillion and this (in my humble opinion) will happen also this year. Just watch this space.

I’m calling Bitcoin to $50k very soon – much sooner than I originally expected, but with the growing interest in Bitcoin by institutional investors, the supply gets bought in bulks and you know there’s only so much of it. 90% of all Bitcoin has already been mined, around 20% has already been lost or locked in eater addresses or inactive accounts (1 million alone is Satoshi’s own stash that isn’t likely to ever get used).

The bull run is still in its early days, not even midway…

We are bound to have a very profitable year ahead.

Cheers to that. I’ll be back with my next episode and market roundup tomorrow.



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