Why I Bought Into BAT and Loopring This Year #showmyportfolio

Why I Bought Into BAT and Loopring This Year #showmyportfolio

Alright, so the market looks good right? :D Besides getting deeper into BTC, I’ve also purchased a handful of altcoins here and there because I know that there are some real gains to be had there in this kind of market atmosphere. Publish0x is running a #showyourportfolio contest and participating seems easy so I'm throwing in my two cents here. This is my portfolio and two coins I'm betting big on.


Two of those I would like to highlight today: BAT and Loopring (LRC). My portfolio is mainly BTC (roughly 50%) and the rest I have a few altcoins but the major ones are BAT and Loopring. Here’s why.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)


Who doesn’t know about BAT? That’s what I’m thinking now but I can’t believe that I didn’t get into this token sooner. It is phenomenal and what is so great about it is that the results are showing in the real world. People are actually using the Brave browser and the token has also been performing decently. More and people are seeing the benefit of the ad blocking and noticing the increased browsing speed.

That’s not mentioning the brave ads programs which gives you money for watching ads. I like what BAT is doing: they know the internet, browsing and advertising mindset. 

Loopring (LRC)


The Loopring platform is building a protocol that lets anyone make a decentralized exchange. Awesome stuff. We really better and more DEXs. They are cheaper, faster and actually lets us hold our own funds. I’m not sure if it’s any better or worse than other projects doing the same kind of thing, but from what I’ve read about it, it seems great. I think most recently they gave an update into Loopring 3.0. 

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