Loopring's Developer Activity Reached 2019 ATH's - A Positive Sign That Most Investors Miss

I’ve been exploring some new tools to help with my analysis and I stumbled across the metrics provided by Santiment which are pretty interesting! Although I’m a technical heavy-based type of trader, I do love to look for other metrics to help reinforce my trading ideas and provide more validity to them. It also helps me to improve the detail I can provide in the analysis for my readers - which is an added bonus! For example, If I can see a huge flow of USDt into exchanges I know something is about to go down - this is something that the charts cannot show until after the fact. 

Upon my hunt, I noticed that the developer activity for Loopring has reached a fresh high for 2019. Check out the developer's stats below represented by the purple dots.


Looking at the chart above, we can see that the developer activity has started to heat up during July and August and has recently created a fresh high for 2019.

Although this will have no direct impact on the price immediately, it is a great sign that the project is still healthy as the developers are still behind the scenes working away to improve their infrastructure. This is a positive sign that most investors either overlook or miss completely as any source of information when deciding on investing adds to the overall decision.

For a more detailed view on the developer stats via santiment take a look at the next chart below;


When looking for a medium-long term investment, the development activity sheds some light on how serious the team is about the project. If there is a sustained level of development activity throughout the entire year this is generally a good sign that the developers are dedicated. It also shows that the project is not all about marketing as they have developers working regularly on providing the product.

If you see developers just updating their code once or twice a year, this is generally a sign that they really do not know what they are doing and you should keep away.

Of course, it is difficult to asses the quality of the development activity and they could just be some minor improvements. However, it is still a great barometer to see if there is actually a product behind the project that is actively being worked upon. The fact that Loopring developer activity has reached a fresh 2019 high is a strong positive sign for a healthy project that a lot of investors often overlook.

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