Could BAT become an alternative to Patreon for content creators?

By Keyboardwarrior | Crypto Bulletin | 12 May 2021

Content creators have for the past few years used the monthly donation service of Patreon that allows them to recieve a monthly payment from their supporters in exchange for various tires of support.

One of the difficulties with this is the taxes that need to be paid, the Patreon fees as well as the fact that many people from poorer countries cant afford to support content creators. Even beyond this, many people hesitate to put in their money into online services unless absolutely necessary.

There are other alternatives, namely Subscribestar, which mostly consists of content that cant be allowed on Patreon due to racist content or scetchy pornography.

What has puzzled me is that there hasnt really been any contender to this service for cryptocurrency. Indeed, Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other larger cryptocurrency would solve some of the issues that this dilemma creates as well improve the recognition of the cryptocurrencies for payment of services.

When I first discovered the Brave browser, I was really intrigued by the idea. The Brave browser claims to be faster than Google Chrome, have a built-in adblock and best of all: Offers BAT (Basic Attention Token) for viewing discrete commercials in accordance to your settings.


The BATs are paid by 70% of the revenue of the commercials shown according to Brave itself, a staggering high amount and perhaps even doubtfully sustainable in the long run.

After downloading the browser I recieved tokens at quite a good pace per day and I encouraged my family to use the browser as well. Sadly, the downside is that the browser seems to have reduced the amount of paid out tokens recently. Also, the withdrawal is set at 25 BAT as you are required to create an Uphold wallet in order to store the amount away from the browser itself. 

Many wallets support the Basic Attention Token, such as the Exodus wallet, but I have yet been able to withdraw as much as 25 BAT from my account.

Perhaps even more interesting than this is that the Brave browser encourages users to donate their BAT to content creators. Here is where I believe that BAT could become useful in developing countries where users perhaps want to donate but cant afford to put in their own money. Or perhaps users feel like they can donate money in general that they wouldn't otherwise use. 


The reason this is so genious is because it would encourage the use of Cryptocurrency among people who are not entrentched in how to set up and purchase crypto, or even how to set up a wallet. Its simply as easy as to download a browser, wait for a few BAT to drop in and donate to your favorite content creators.

This would also make content creators feel less preassure to please "customers" since its people are donating money they wouldnt otherwise have, perhaps even allowing them to have more creative expression in their content.

I hope in the future a more regular platform such as Patreon would be developed for cryptocurrencies (BAT, Bitcoin, Ethereum or otherwise) that would solve all of these issues. If you are a skilled developer, I hope you take this idea and make something great with it. 

What do you think about this idea? Let me know in the comments below!

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