A New Flower Emerges

Chinet(CHN) - A New Flower Emerges in the World of Crypto

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 30 Jan 2023



Greetings Friends;

In this article I'm going to talk about Chinet, a project that will be launched on February 1, 2023, but I'm advancing my reflections so that you can participate in the launch and share it with your friends and family. The idea behind the project is to bring the benefits that CryptoNote brought in the past when it came with gigantic fame in Monero even knowing that it derives from Bytecoin. Another interesting bet on Chinet is that it offers a hybrid consensus where it unifies Pow and PoS, facing the two variations of obtaining and dynamics when it comes to mining and stakes, but the great benefit of this consensus is in strengthening the network, avoiding the famous 51 attack % even with the large accumulation of hashes in a given pool. In theory and practice Chinet seeks to improve scalability and security in the world of crypto, that is, being part of the segment that will be well regarded in the near future and the segment I'm talking about is the privacy segment. Tokenization helped to boost the market but the downside of these thriving movements is that vulnerability is quite evident when it comes to privacy and security in your tokens and derivatives.

We can analyze with different reflections on the need for security and privacy in transactions and in sending and receiving, but the article will be very extensive and will escape my purpose, which is to present it in a motivational way so that you understand the true meaning of the Chinet project . The overriding basis you should keep in mind is that the confidentiality of all transactions of the Chinet project is encoded in the core, hiding all addresses and their transactions, expanding the level of privacy to all users and on its blockchain as one all.


What is Chinet?

In terms of practicality and efficiency, Chinet is the manifestation of a stable, secure and scalable project, taking advantage of all available knowledge and proven with the tests, failures and advancement of the CryptoNote algorithm. In essence, it was designed for the benefit of P2P, favoring personal use and possible variables that we can find in e-commerce. As mentioned in the introduction Chinet proposes some characteristics that must be kept and analyzed, which are:


The 7 words above fully sums up the Chinet project where your transactions are untraceable and unlinked, using stealth addresses and ring signatures(Technical Detail of CryptoNote Success). With Chinet you don't have to worry about performance(speed) and stability(ecosystem) where it provides the high-tech computational efficiency of our network is powered by advanced features and code. The blockchain has been tested and stressed to see if there are any flaws and even it's ready for launch and practical use through mining, staking and trading.

A new dawn...


A project in emergence carries the energy of a dawn, that is, it conveys the idea of new possibilities in its application, providing the feeling that we have found the right path. However, there is a field of relativity that we can consider and when bringing these reflections to the Chinet project, we must understand that it is in its inception and that its community is growing every day. Therefore, demanding great responsibilities for this project is not healthy because it needs support to show what it's really capable of.

Regarding the use of the Chinet project, we can find application in practically all segments of payments, transfers and privacy because its technical composition favors the manifestation and execution in these segments.

What makes Chinet different from other projects?

Based on my analysis, Chinet is a connection to all the successful resources that we can find today and in the privacy segment and its variables. Being prepared with a differentiated proposal is part of the essence of the project and its creators. Bringing Convenience Back Chinet seeks to truly meet your needs when using its platform. The valuation of a project extends through several ways that can be analyzed in the adoption or daily use in daily negotiation. In other words, Chinet intends to be a part of your trading and involvement in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Chinet Specifications:


Name: Chinet

Symbol: CHN

Algo: ProgPowZ - PoW/Pos

Total Coin Supply:







Coming soon... listed on Xeggex exchange.

Note* (Trading will open after the launch date of the project)



The project is about to be launched and you are invited to participate and be part of the community. Regarding the project, in my opinion, it has everything to meet expectations and demand when it comes to privacy. In practice, we can find Chinet in e-commerce, digital stores and in benefits for digital products, making it sought after and used frequently. Therefore, finding a purpose can help expand and attract new people to the project.

Finally, being in the right moment and on time is something very difficult to happen but with the launch of Chinet you will have this opportunity to be part of something big and prosperous.(Don't forget to access the links to learn more and be part of the community)

It's worth reflecting.


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