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the crypto Batz has been busy trying to survive


while I’ve been away Algorand and Solana exploded and defi in general has been looking like a promised land for crypto, meanwhile in other news the next Pre Launch Flight for Halo: Infinite has been announced and only two weeks away is the possibility of Halo Infinite Weapons testing, AI Bot battles, a more focused approach on pvp and even Big team battle will be coming this time around.

Brian Jarrard the Community Director at 343 let loose with a flurry of details both wrapping up the data and feedback from the last pre beta test and the details and specs of this soon to be Flight.

The Flight is tentatively scheduled on Sept 24 and is supposed to be a weekend event like the last one, server issues and tremendous waiting times are not unheard of but even more are expected as flights will be live tests of how much strain the networks can handle. 343 has been quite forthright in letting the community see just what hurdles and triumphs are being readied for the December 8th release of  “The Halo installation for the next ten years of the franchise” 

So What we can all expect and is there a chance to join this up coming flight? The answer is yes! You can still sign up on

Connecting your Halo account to your waypoint account is pretty straightforward but requires email confirmation so make sure you can receive emails from the address you give 343 to contact you with. 

If you do get invited be sure to provide feedback with the surveys and documents available to us as Flight testers, also patience is a huge requirement because the lag and the network itself will be undergoing massive tasks and volume. I’m thinking by the morning of the 25th most players should be able to access the infinite insider app which is a separate app on the Microsoft store you can get to through Xbox live.

If you’re a Halo fan or just want to see the makings of a new game up close feel free to follow the blog, checkout the YouTube footage of the last flight on my channel, search:

Danny Wayne 

on YouTube and you should find yours truly, I’ve also got Alt rap and mashups of Halo Flight footage on the page 


it appears from Ske7ch’s Twitter, (Brian Jarrard) 

that the focus of this flight will be heavily on big team battle which is going to be the precursor to even larger game modes on Infinite and testing publicly hasn’t scaled to this size yet, so it’s quite an exciting time for fans and developers to see this process coming to life firsthand. 

Players all around the world are excited to experience the unveiling and I must commend 343 for transparency that has been unparalleled, they’ve adopted my very favorite version of honesty, which is over-honesty usually giving a bigger view into the truth because of unabridged accounts. This is a changing of the guard, Halos fans who are now 20 years different in terms of time and the introduction of a new fan base that will fuse to create the many layered universe that the developers at 343 are aspiring to. 

in case you’ve missed any of the promotional material there’s been an 8 minute showcase of the campaign that was released a year ago, the multiplayer trailer was a few months back and most recently has been Spartan introduction and some backstory to the commander in charge of training Spartans the links will be below as well as the links to some crypto referrals of mine and a brief reference of some of my own work and crypto adventures 


for those of us waiting on an invite, the last one looked like this 


fee free to comment and let me know if I can help with any questions thanks for reading, stay tuned and we’ll see you on Zeta Halo

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