LimeWire Pumps 500%!

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 7 Nov 2023

Just yesterday I have written a post about LimeWire (you can read it here: and the price was sitting just above $0.18 today the price has reached $0.48! that being said LMRW has pumped 500% within 17 days!


What caused such increase in price? 

As I mentioned yesterday they already have a community of 2,3 million people and recently they dropped update video on their discord channel, it takes time for people to catch up with the update. But long story short, LimeWire development and product delivery is on fire! 

Also, noticed the usage of the platform increased drastically and there are some lags with loading the website - the traffic is just insane at the time of writing looks like the server is experiencing overload and the website is down at times!


As for the token price, it doesn't look like the pump has finished at this stage it is very difficult to predict where the price is going!


If you are a content creator and fancy joining LimeWire and earn ad revenue share than join here: Join LimeWire


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