Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge - Lost Magic

By logen9f | Crypto and play2earn | 24 Jun 2024


Hello Splinterlands Summoners and welcome to another edition of Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge. For this week, it's Lost Magic: Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.

The Ruleset


Lost Magic - Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.
Holy Protection - All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability (Ignores the first time the Monster takes damage).
Available Splinters - Water and Death.
Max Mana - 28

My Team

At this amount of mana, I usually pick a Earth or Death Team but because of the ruleset Earth is not available and it's not optimal to use Death because one of the my Death summoner's abilities is to debuff magic units. On the other hand, in Lost Magic rulesets, Water is my best choice because of the summoner buff and units available. Considering these, I picked Water.


Kelya as summoner. Her shield and speed buff are very useful in no magic rulesets. Shield grants defense to melee and range attacks and speed gives my unit the chance to attack faster and dodge non-magic attacks.


Diemonshark in the first position. This card will serve it's role well in this game having 7 shields, 5 speed and 8 hearts while dealing 3 melee damage. One of the best rare tanks in the game in my opinion.


Flying Squid in second position. It deals 3 melee damage and has 5 speed. It also has the Blind ability which is very useful in Lost Magic rulesets.


Merdaali Guardian in the third position. This is one of the best support cards in the game IMO. Having both tank heal and repair abilities works well with my tank Diemonshark.


Uraeus in fourth position. With only six mana left I considered using my Deeplurker however I thought having two 3 mana cards will be a better idea so I picked Uraeus which also has the poison ability same as Deep Lurker.


Angelic Mandarin in the fifth position. Another 3 mana card that I picked. This has the Triage ability which will heal my units to counter his snipers and sneakers.


Torrent Fiend in the sixth and final position. A zero mana card to catch his sneak attackers.

The Opponent's Team

My opponent also picked the Water team and he has a higher level Kelya (level 6). His Diemonshark is level 8 as well. His team composition is different than mine since he has a more damage dealers while my team has a support unit (Merdaali Guardian) and a zero mana unit that doesn't attack.

The Battle


The Flying Squid and Merdaali Guardian were the keycards in this battle. My tank lasted longer thanks to several misses by my opponent as my Flying Squid does his job. The Merdaali Guardian, healing and repairing also helped my tank stay in the battle longer. Surprisingly, my team was still intact at the end suffering no casualties. Even though my opponent has the higher level cards, choosing the optimal team composition helped me win.

Here's a link to the battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_f2aaadcaf464db43c6d327181783c2ca&ref=logen9f

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