Celebrating 6 Years of Splinterlands: Current State and the Future

By logen9f | Crypto and play2earn | 26 May 2024


Greetings Splinterlands Summoners! As we celebrate the 6th year anniversary of our game, let's look at the current state and think about the future of the game.

I love playing trading card games. I used to collect and play Magic the Gathering but the problem was I had to go to specific places to find other players. So I was excited when online trading card games started. Splinterlands is even better since you also earn crypto as you play.

I've written about how I discovered the game previously so now let's look at the current state of the game. We cannot deny that the game is facing some challenges. The prices of cards, packs and SPS are at the bottom. On the other hand, the human players are decreasing and the game needs to attract new players to invest in the game.

Long time players like us already know that the game is fun and challenging. That's why I play this game everyday even though my earnings are negligible. However, Splinterlands is a play to earn game and potential players always ask: How much will I earn and how quick is the ROI? They don't ask if the game is fun and engaging. They will check the price of SPS and will be discouraged. I would say that the source of decreasing asset prices is too much supply. There were too much Chaos Legion cards in circulation at low prices. This discourages players to buy new packs as we have recently seen. There are also a lot of SPS as we see prices at the lowest even though it's a crypto bull market.

My suggestion is to have events to burn cards and maybe even SPS. We need to reduce supply in order to help prop up prices. I'm sure the team has already heard similar suggestions and maybe I'm just repeating it but that's my two cents.

Looking at the future, there is much talk about the land feature. I must admit I don't really care much about it. Splinterlands can continue without land play in my opinion. I would suggest that Land be a side game or another game within the Splinterlands ecosystem. This maybe controversial but new players will not care much about land either, on the other hand it will be looked at as another hurdle for new players to catch up with old players.

Those are my thoughts and you can take it with a grain of salt (I don't mean be salty 😅). Splinterlands has given me a lot of fun through the years and I will keep playing the game and hope to see it celebrate more anniversaries to come.

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Crypto and play2earn
Crypto and play2earn

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