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SOY Finance Airdrop for Pancakeswap user and get rewarded for supporting SOY

By Jakonfire | Crypto and more | 15 Oct 2021

SOY Finance is the next rising star on the DeFi horizon that will bring more opportunities and benefits for the Callisto Blockchain

While the volume on central exchanges has decreased in the last few months compared to decentralized exchanges, now seems to be a good time to enable trading with Callisto away from central exchanges.

Max Supply: 600 000 000 SOY (Tokenomics)

How to use Callisto with Metamask:

What distinguishes SOY from other decentralized exchanges?

Receive part of the trading volume only by holding SOY and decide with the community about the future of SOY.

Buyback & Burn mechanism allowing holders to share up to 20% of the platform's transaction fees

Defi Made Safe

Combining a safelist for audited tokens, decentralized insurance, and the most advanced token standard, SOY Finance adopts the industry’s best practices and technologies to provide the community with a rock-solid platform.

Trade quickly and cheaply

With the introduction of the new ERC 223 Token Standard, SOY will be the first exchange to introduce the "1-Click Swap" feature.

Make a trade with Pancakeswap and get SOY

Here is a simple explanation of how you can take part in the Aidrop:

Don't forget you need at least 1 CLO to be able to execute the claim transaction the next day after a trade with PCS.

Support SOY Finance and Get Rewarded

Use this link for different tasks and earn SOY for free:

Feel free to comment your opinion or of course ask questions.
This is not financial advice. Please do your own research.

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Crypto and more

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