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Bitpanda Introducing BEST Rewards (up to 12% annually)

By Jakonfire | Crypto and more | 15 Apr 2020

Bitpanda Introducing BEST Rewards (up to 12% annually)

Bitpanda held an IEO in 2019 and then raised 43.6 billion and issued the BEST token to users.

In the same step, Bitpanda also released the Bitpanda Global Exchange, which was later renamed Bitpanda Pro.

You can not only buy BEST, but also earn it, for example, by participating in the Bitpanda Academy.

So far, BEST can be used for the following:

- 25% trading premium reduction (fixed rate at € 0.12)
- Coin voting mechanism
- Lower deposit fees

The total supply of 1 billion BEST will halve over time over Tokenburns depending on how much BEST is used.
At the same time, users can now receive at least 6% rewards for their BEST on the Bitpanda Platform if they actively use Bitpanda. That means at least 1 € a month trades no matter whether crypto or precious metals. If you hold a certain amount of BEST or have a high trading volume, you get even more each month (up to 12% annually).

It is also important that your account is verified and you accept the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, only trades and balances on the broker currently count and not Bitpanda Pro.

25.2% of Bitpanda users currently use BEST to pay the fees, and the trend has increased since the feature was released.

I hope there will be many more features as announced, such as the announced launchpad or transaction fees in BEST.

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