Earn 5€ with Bitpanda Academy

By Jakonfire | Crypto and more | 17 Apr 2020

Earn 5€ with Bitpanda Academy  

Hi Guys,   As I mentioned in my last post, BEST can be earned for free instead of investing directly.
This works by taking part in the Bitpanda Academy beginner quiz so far, where you can earn 5 € in BEST if you pass it successfully.
In principle, the Bitpanda Academy is strongly reminiscent of the Coinbase Earn model mixed with the knowledge of the Binance Academy. Only currently smaller with less content.
But let's take a closer look at the Bitpanda Academy.  

The Bitpanda Academy was published in December 2019.
You can find them here: In order to receive the BEST you have to be verified, of course, which is also necessary to receive the rewards on your BEST later.   The Academy already contains 25 beginner lessons that are really designed for beginners in crypto space.
There you will learn general knowledge about the idea of ​​Crypto, the difference to Fiat money or about which problems blockchain can solve.
At a later point in time, intermediate and expert lessons will follow, through which you can probably receive further BEST in future if you answer the questions in the quiz correctly. 

I like Bitpanda for its many innovations and opportunities that they offer to small investors and I am very excited to see what news will come in the BEST ecosystem this year.   I see the current price development from a low of ~ 0.045 € back to ~ 0.08 € in the past weeks as a bullish sign. Currently, however, the price is still below the first IEO round of € 0.09. So there is definitely still room for profits.  

Here you will also find my article about the rewards that you can get for hodl BEST:  

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