Huobi Pool added VSYS & BTT distribution to HPT holders
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Huobi Pool added VSYS & BTT distribution to HPT holders

By Jakonfire | Crypto and more | 22 May 2020

Huobi Pool added VSYS & BTT distribution to HPT hodlers

Today was the first day Houbi distributed more than the previous 14 Cryptos to the HPT hodlers. Since today you also get VSYS and BTT airdrops depending on the amount of HPT you hold in your Huobi global account. Every balance bigger than 1000 HPT counts. In the past Huobi told several times they are going to add more Coins or Tokens to the distribution and now they delivered.
Personally, I wouldn't invest that much in both of the added cryptos but for me its a nice present to get small pieces of them daily.

Learn more about Huobi Pool Token (HPT):

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Crypto and more
Crypto and more

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