dKargo (dKA) next DeFi gem 100x / Defi program released / $1k Telegram Giveaway

By Jakonfire | Crypto and more | 21 Aug 2020

dKargo (dKA) next DeFi gem / Defi program released / $1k Telegram Giveaway


What is dKargo (dKA)? 

A decentralized and cooperative protocol for next generation logistics.
It uses blockchain technology to solve trust issues among participants scattered in the logistics industry and establishing an efficient logistics network based on cooperation that was previously unimaginable.

Price / Exchanges 

Currently the market capitalization is only $19.341.902 and is only traded on few exchanges. 


Defi program

Today dKarrgo released the Phase 1 of the dKargo's DeFi Program with Cobak. You can find more details here:

$1k Telegram Giveaway

If you want to participate in the Telegram Giveaway to claim your piece of 1000 USD in dKA I would be happy if you use my referral link:


Anyway. Feel free to comment your opinion or of course ask questions.
This is not financial advice. Please do your own research.

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Crypto and more
Crypto and more

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