Doge’s Gone Beserk | Absconding!

By Oivas | Crypto and Gaming Articles | 16 Apr 2021

The Plot

*What is wrong with you? The title says it all, and you still want to come here to read more. What do you expect? Some hugs and kisses?*


Well, that didn’t sound very polite, did it? So, let’s take not more than three minutes on one of the most overrated coin (careful, it could still become the next bitcoin 😊 ) and one site which promised tons of the overrated coin. I will start with the site.


The Twist |

There was hardly any twist. If you hoped that this site would exist forever, just to give you free Doge tokens, then naïve has a totally new meaning. How do I know? I tried, of course. 

You see, I usually try out things, and only when I am sure that they are good or working or can be depended on do I add them as referral links. You can see a bunch of them at the end of this article. All tried and tested and works for now. Keyword – “works for now”. 😊

With, the concept was interesting that you log in every day and gain 2 Doge coins. You had to keep collecting them till you accumulate 250 of them to withdraw. So far so good because most faucets work that way. With 2 Doge every day, you should be able to withdraw in 125 days or roughly 4 months. Phew!

But that was not all. said you could accelerate your earnings by investing your Doge coins and buy better mining Doge miner. That was the suspicious part. The rewards with a better miner were faster. In other words, if you are ready to put in anywhere between 500 to 70,000 Doge (if I remember the numbers right), you could earn back your investments in days. Hmm... That had to raise suspicions. It was asking players to invest. Been there before!

And then they just shut shop and ran away. So, does not work anymore. Only one of two things could have happened.

1.    All players would have gone for the free Doge miner and hence would stay back for the 250 Doge OR

2.    Some tons of lazy and naïve souls actually invested tons of Doge, and the site took them all and ran away laughing ear to ear

Either way, the site is gone now, and that brings us to the next topic.


Super Twist | Doge on Fire!

Doge on fire would encourage you to add fuel to the fire. And what is this fuel? Your money. Much like, if it goes up, you’ve got to buy, right? Wrong.

I am no financial advisor, but other than Mr. Musk coming and tweeting about it, what is the charm about the coin? In fact, just a few days back, there was a graph on shared by a user, which showed that Doge is one of those coins which has had minimal developer intervention. That means hardly any vision or development on the coin since its inception. 

So, how did it become the darling of the crowd lately? Just because of some tweets. Again, I am not asking you not to invest in the coin. Heck, I myself did it, but at prices which were correct for them, in my opinion. So, you judge for yourself. Also, I still earn Doge on sites like Tipestry. That makes more sense instead of buying it on the exchanges when the prices are anywhere but right for the coin.

This is one argument I would be happy to be proved wrong because I have a ton of Doge. So, I wouldn’t mind. But analyze for yourself. ***ETH went up in anticipation of the Berlin fork, BNB went up on the current uptake across the crypto world, but why did Doge go up?***

You answer that for yourself.


That’s It

I know you love me but so much? You read till the end. Okay, as a token of appreciation, here are few referral links down below, which are shared only to make me money… but also money for you. 😊 😊

I hope you had fun reading this light-hearted article! 

Namaste, until next time!


**Image Courtesy:** Open Clipart on Pixabay


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