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AMA Recap - PathDAO x Game of Bitcoins

By Game of Bitcoins | crypto_amas | 1 Dec 2021



Thanks a lot for actively participating in the PathDAO AMA held on 1st Dec 2021 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with PathDAO

Hi fam, I'm Malaysian, graduated from Imperial College London four years ago. First got my btc in 2015 (back in the days when u need to buy from p2p platforms)

Right after uni, went to Boston Consulting Group as mgmt consultant. Become active on crypto scene again, when I came across Axie Infinity in June. Went all in, and got a ~40X return in the last few months

Since October, I started PathDAO with my friends, all of us from Imperial College

Q1. Tell us a little about the role of your tokens and project within the entire ecosystem. Will it act as a simple payment currency on all your products? Or will its holders have some sort of benefit or vote in the project decisions?

PathDAO is a community-first, decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the growing blockchain gaming and metaverse. We focus on

A. Building a play-to-earn gamer community

B. Investing in blockchain-based game assets

C. Creating a platform for blockchain games, innovative blockchain & NFT projects

By executing the aforementioned three key activities, PathDAO is expected to create value for treasury and PathDAO token holders via 

A. Blockchain-based game asset investment

B. Play-to-earn asset rental (i.e. scholarship revenue sharing)

C. Active game involvement (e.g., Axie breeding, land assets crafting)

$PATH token holders own 100% of the treasury fund, and will be given the opportunity to vote on how best to deploy and operate the fund in the treasury.

Q2. Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?

Blockchain gaming is the future because it allows true ownership of assets. Gone are the days of reloading credit and buying in-game items that you don't own. When we came across Axie Infinity Play-to-earn model in June 2021, we were mind blown, because 

(A) players can actually earn decent income by playing a game and 

(B) we are now able to truly own the virtual assets with blockchain technology.

Prior to founding of PathDAO, I was running a guild with 50 scholars in Malaysia. It is crazy to see how the majority of them are exploited by other guilds, with most of the income going back to the guild instead of the scholars. I wanted to change this, hence we started PathDAO, with 70% of the income going back to the scholars. 

On top of that, we realized that most scholars in developing world are unbanked, with no access to insurance, financing facilities etc. Gaming guild is best positioned to solve this. Imagine now, the scholars are given the options to channel X% of their earnings to insurance, or investments? That would be a great value add to them, bringing fintech to the unbanked.

Q3. What’s your vision ultimately? What is project trying to achieve in the longer term and how do you plan to get there? How will your ultimate vision and mission make a difference in the world?

That's a great question. We want to be the largest asset management firm in the metaverse. That includes having the largest treasury for our $PATH holders, and also the largest number of scholars

Our roadmap does not stop at solely providing scholarship to scholars. Fintech, is the vision PathDAO has. You see, ppl who apply for the scholarships, they are likely to be the ones who underbanked. There are many reasons why they are not served by the banks. It could be due to balance requirements, high charges and fess, lack of awareness, trust and many more.

As we offer them the scholarship, we have the data points on understanding their needs and pains. With that, we see a huge earning potential to bring in financial products and services to these underbanked community. As we speak, my team has already in talks with the CEO of Ajaib, which is the fintech unicorn in Indonesia to get his advice on setting up the ground works for the MVP.

If you ask the vision that would make a difference, imagine a world that everyone gets to earn by playing games AND benefit from banking services with low entry barrier and ease of accessbility and affordability.

Q4. Can you please share a few major milestones that PathDAO has achieved during its development process? I want to know about your strategic investors and well-known partners, as well as the value they bring to the PathDAO's ecosystem.

Since established six weeks ago, we have

(A) Launched an NFT project. OurPath is the first NFT project launched on PathDAO. It is a co-generative NFT that allows the owner to define the final form of the art by inputting a phrase of choosing. Minting is now closed and close to 1,900 of them have been minted.

B) Fundraising. Via seed round investment (led by Defiance Capital and Merit Circle), we have raised ~2M USD for our treasury. To continue the spirit of decentralised ownership, we are having our fair launch on Copper Launch on 4th December 2021.

(C) Scholarship program. We have ~1,000 scholars and aim to have more than 5,000 in January.

(D) Game partnerships. We have secured partnerships with 9 blockchain game ecosystems (Illuvium, Vulcan Forged, Playmon, CryptoUnicorns, League of Kingdom, Age of Tanks, Nine Chronicles, Geopoly, Sipher)

(E) Advisor panel. We have assembled a strong advisor panel, including Kieran Warwick - co-founder at Illuvium, Kyle Chassé - CEO at PAID network, Ignition, Anderson Sumarli - CEO at Ajaib, fintech unicorn in Indonesia, Prakash Somosundram - CEO at Enjinstarter and Pino Tedesco - CEO at LVT Capital

Q5. Team member is an internal part of a project. So, tell us how's background of them and how developers are working on this project?

We have a strong team backing this project up. Myself, is from private equity & growth hacking backing in large tech firm. I am also an ex-BCG. Together with me, we have our CEO who is a serial entrepreneur. Our CTO, graduated from Comp Sc in well-known university, Imperial College London and currently a software engineer from regional giant company. With the background we have, we are great in managing investment portfolios, developing great products. Myself managed a 40X portfolio in last 6 months via deep research and active investment

Q6. Where can I buy your tokens now. What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

You can participate in our public sale on this Saturday (4th Dec) on Copper! CHeck out

Personally I still feel our Copper Launch at 400FDV starting price is very attractive compared to Unix (1bn+) and MC (9bn), given how we have strong investors (Defiance + MC), strong advisor (Kieran from ILV) and a roadmap to fintech (with CEO of fintech unicorn as advisor). Hence we highly encourage your fund and community to join our discord and explore potential participation in our public launch on Copper on 4th December

Q7. Would you please share channel  link as



3. Instagram 


5. Tik Tok etc.

Which is the best way to connect with you?






Q8. Which do you think is more important: 

A. Community 

B. Investors 

C. Token Price 

If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?

Always the community (who typically is our investor too)

Q9. Can you List 1-3 Killer features of your PROJECT that makes it ahead of Competitors? What is the Competitive Advantages your platform Has that you Feel most Confident about?

We believe we can outperform the market with the following competitive advantages:


1. Investment know-how. We pride ourselves as sophisticated investors who can spot alpha and generate returns that outperform the market. In Q3 2021 alone, our portfolio generated a return of 32X by investing in Axie Infinity, Illuvium, NFTs and some of the early-stage game ecosystems etc. Besides investing in play-to-earn ecosystem, we also have strong understanding of the DeFi market, with deep experience in the likes of Liquidity Provision, arbitrage trading, perpetual contract funding rate, yield farming etc.


2. Southeast Asia (SEA) networkSEA, with its 600M population is expected to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We have deep network and connection in this space, given our previous experience in business, startup and management consulting. As we speak, we have struck advisory partnership with Ajaib, a fintech unicorn in Indonesia to realise our fintech vision. Con-currently, we are also in the midst of finalising an agreement with the largest media agency in Southeast Asia to launch SEA celebrities NFT series.


3. Advisor panel (see )PathDAO has a strong advisor panel, including Kieran Warwick (co-founder of Illuvium), Kyle Chassé (CEO of PAID network, Ignition), Prakash Somosundram (CEO of Enjinstarter), Anderson Sumarli (CEO of Ajaib, fintech unicorn in Indonesia), Pino Tedesco (CEO of LVT Capital).We believe we have the right mix of expertise to excel in the blockchain-gaming space, cryptocurrency scene and on-the-ground fintech technologies.


4. Community supportAs Punk, BAYC, genesis Cyberkongz, mystic axie owners, we are well connected in the metaverse and NFT space. Most of the deal flow and best investment opportunities are first discovered in these communities. This provides us with early advantage and access to off-market deals.


Just want to thank everyone for participating

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