The Exchange is exiting public beta and celebrating with...

By Mozzie | Crypto Aficionado | 14 Aug 2020

A Bitcoin Syndicate Special



The Exchange was first launched last November in a private beta and they opened it up to the public a month later.

To mark the achievement of the exchange exiting public beta on September 8th, 2020. is once again hosting a Bitcoin Syndicate event at 50% off with a USD $2M allocation.

The Bitcoin (BTC) Syndicate event is happening September 8th, 2020 6AM UTC.

Each Syndicate event has different requirements for participating, the most basic of them is staking (CRO) on the exchange website, the minimum that you can start staking with is 5000 CRO and you have to Stake for 180 days or more for which you will also receive 20% APR paid daily. Below are the requirements for the BTC Syndicate event on September 8th. For more info on the event please click HERE.

Syndicate Allocation: Each participant’s maximum amount of CRO that can be applied towards the event will depend on the amount of CRO Staked on the Exchange, as shown below:



They're also giving away $50,000 on Twitter - like, follow them and retweet to be entered! Rules of the giveaway HERE




But wait there's more!?

At the time of this posting there is currently 2 Syndicate Events happening on!

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) Syndicate event is happening on August 18, 2020 6AM UTC just 3~ days from now!

For more info on the BAT Listing Event please click HERE



Note - Citizens and residents of the United States, China and Hong Kong will be excluded from The Syndicate campaign.

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