Top 10 Staking Coins & Top 10 Masternode Coins - Week #21

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 26 May 2020



This report covers the period 17th to 24th May 2020. Best Performing Staking Coins - Weekly Summary. Enjoy!

Hi, Insight Readers. It’s all over greens again on this week’s best performing assets for 2 weeks in a row. Earnings are from 0.08% to 67.80%, a lower than last week's earnings on a minimal scale.

Hands down, Particl (PART) made it again in the first place for two consecutive weeks with 67.80%. Though the earnings of PART dropped from last week, the project maintained its position as best staking asset of the week.

Moving on, we have MonetaryUnit (MUE) with 44.91%. MUE jumped 8 steps from last week’s tenth place until it landed second place. And BlackCoin (BLK) with 25.68% settled in third place.  

PART and MUE are the only assets that happened to be present following the best performing asset for two weeks.

List of top 10 staking intrest earning coins that are available on MyCointainer Platform can be found below:


Top 10 Performing Staking Coins this week:

  1. Particl (PART) + 67.80 %
  2. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 44.91 %
  3. BlackCoin (BLK) + 25.68 %
  4. Rapids (RPD) + 16.56 %
  5. Social Send (SEND) + 9.26 %
  6. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 3.79 %
  7. Qtum (QTUM) + 1.97 %
  8. Crown (CRW) + 0.79 %
  9. Neblio (NEBL) + 0.24 %
  10. SafeInsure (SINS) + 0.08 %

Intrest earned on those 10 top staking coins this week:

  1. Particl (PART) + 0.16 PART
  2. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 193 MUE
  3. BlackCoin (BLK) + 0.61 BLK
  4. Rapids (RPD) + 31839 RPD
  5. Social Send (SEND) + 386 SEND
  6. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 0.21 BLOCK
  7. Qtum (QTUM) + 0.13 QTUM
  8. Crown (CRW) + 5 CRW
  9. Neblio (NEBL) + 0.42 NEBL
  10. SafeInsure (SINS) + 49 SINS

5 coins that positioned themselves just outside of the top 10 are: Stratis, NavCoin, Syscoin, Waves, and MMOCoin.

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This report covers the period 17th to 24th May 2020. Best Performing Masternode Coins - Weekly Summary. Enjoy!

Hi, Insight Readers. The weekly report shows a combination of positive and negative gains from the Top 10 assets. The positive gains range from 0.08% to 44.91% over the 7-day period. While the negative returns are from -3.90% to -7.76%. The brighter side of this week’s standing is that the top performer earned higher than the last week’s achiever.

Now in the first place we have MonetaryUnit (MUE) with a 44.91% increase. After 4 consecutive weeks being in the Top 10, it’s MUE’s time to shine among other masternode assets available at MyCointainer.

Marching after MUE, we have Rapids (RPD) with 16.56% and Social Send (SEND) with 9.26% in the second and third places, respectively. RPD performance gave rise to its 3 weeks in a row top spots.

Other asset performers that made it again in the top 10 are the following: Blocknet, Crownand Stratis.

List of top 10 masternode intrest earning coins that are available on MyCointainer Platform can be found below:


Top 10 Performing Masternode Coins this week:

  1. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 44.91 %
  2. Rapids (RPD) + 16.56 %
  3. Social Send (SEND) + 9.26 %
  4. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 3.79 %
  5. Crown (CRW) + 0.79 %
  6. Stratis (STRAT) + 0.08 %
  7. PIVX (PIVX) - 3.90 %
  8. LUXCoin (LUX) - 4.57 %
  9. ColossusXT (COLX) - 6.02 %
  10. Wagerr (WGR) - 7.76 %

Intrest earned on those 10 top masternode coins this week:

  1. MonetaryUnit (MUE) + 193 MUE
  2. Rapids (RPD) + 31839 RPD
  3. Social Send (SEND) + 386 SEND
  4. Blocknet (BLOCK) + 0.21 BLOCK
  5. Crown (CRW) + 5 CRW
  6. Stratis (STRAT) + 0.05 STRAT
  7. PIVX (PIVX) + 0.33 PIVX
  8. LUXCoin (LUX) + 10 LUX
  9. ColossusXT (COLX) + 2936 COLX
  10. Wagerr (WGR) + 1 WGR

5 coins that positioned themselves just outside of the top 10 are: Divi, ExclusiveCoin, Phore, KYDCoin, and Metrix Coin.

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