Floyx ! - The Place to be in 2021

Floyx ! - The Place to be in 2021

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 20 Feb 2021

Hello, good evening to all!

- How to earn at least 0.38$ daily ! -

With all the effervescence around the Cryptocurrencies, we all wish to have our share of the cake

There are countless ways to earn Cryptocurrencies:

  • Faucets 
  • Airdrops
  • Giveaways
  • Freelance
  • Blogging
  • Online Casinos …


There is, however, another way, much more interesting than anything I mentioned before! 

Earning Cryptos just to 'READ' articles.

The most famous site that offers this kind of opportunity is without a doubt Publish0x. You can earn 0.08-0.12$ per day just for reading the articles posted. And this money is directly converted into Cryptocurrencies, currently on Publish0x you can earn randomly : 

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ampleforth (AMPL)
  • Farm (FARM)

This site is very good, there are thousands of people posting on it, they provide an almost inexhaustible flow of information! And you as a reader, you earn real Cryptos, just by reading the articles and supporting the authors.


But do you know Floyx?

This young website (3 years old) with its community growing every day, and offering more and more quality content, allows YOU readers to earn ... a minimum of 0.38$ per day!

Yes you read well ! 0.38$ per day, that is 2.66$ per week, 11.4$ per month, and finally 138.7$ for a full year!

It may sound crazy, but it's true. Floyx offers every day 3 tasks to accomplish, such as :

  • Add X Likes to other users' articles 
  • Add X Comments to other users' articles
  • Add X Likes to other users' posts
  • Add X Comments to other users' posts 

Each of these 3 Daily Tasks, once completed, allows you to earn 0.1$, so 0.3$ insured every day!

Another feature allows you to send Tips on the articles that interest you the most (a personal way to reward the author's work), on the basis of 0.01$, you decide to send 100% of this amount to the author, or send him the minimum → 0.002$ and so you keep 0.008$ for yourself. You can do this action every 10 minutes. And do it 10 times a day.

  • 10 x 0.008$ = 0.08$ + 0.3$ = 0.38$ DAILY!


For the record, the $0.01 allocated to Tips are powered by Floyx, so you don't have to invest anything, just:

  • Read 
  • Enjoy
  • Learn
  • Comment 
  • Earn


What's interesting with Floyx is that the money you earn is in Dollars ($), and in your Balance you see the amount in Dollars ($) as well as its conversion to OKCash (OK). This means that you are not subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Cryptocurrencies, if you earn $0.38 today, they will still be worth $0.38 in a week, no matter if the OKCash (OK) rate goes up or down.

Currently Floyx has a partnership with OKCash, which allows you to make a withdrawal (minimum of $5) that will be converted to OK, directly on your OKCash Wallet.

Later other/more partnerships will be implemented, which will allow you to choose to withdraw your Dollar ($) in another Cryptocurrency.

For the small additional information, Floyx wants to be free of censorship, no content is moderated, and users have the freedom to express and share their opinions. Floyx offers this freedom so much sought after on the Internet!

Considering that Floyx is developing a community entirely oriented towards Cryptocurrency, it is essential that members (even if there is no censorship) become aware of the opportunity that earning Dollars ($) and Cryptocurrencies, thanks to this site, implies a respect for the community. It's common sense. The community likes to discover new projects, new opportunities. The community is eager for discovery and knowledge.

And in my humble opinion, people who want to join Floyx to post Poems, Kitchen Recipes, Love Stories, or any other articles/posts that are not related to Crypto (to make money) are not really going to flourish with Floyx


As for the other methods you use, there are risks and constraints:

  • Faucets: Require a lot of time, you have to log in every day, several times a day, to maintain a bonus level in order to earn 0.01-0.05$ per day, such as Cointiply.
  • Airdrops: More and more are scams, and those who may be serious are asking you a phenomenal variety of tasks to accomplish in order to receive Cryptos, which in 99.99% of cases will never be listed, so it's a waste of time for nothing at all
  • Giveaways: These require even more work than Airdrops, to have the same risks (little chance of really earning something).
  • Freelance: This may be a good alternative, but it requires a lot of work before you can get paid.
  • Online Casinos: Like all casinos, there is an inherent risk of losing everything, and a small chance of truly winning!

As for Blogging: In my opinion it's one of the most interesting ways to earn Cryptos! Blogging requires a lot of work (and especially basic skills, not everybody can be a blogger, just like not everybody can publish video podcasts regularly ...), but it's also the advantage of writing about what we want, without the limits imposed by freelance jobs.


So Crypto-Enthousiastes, Bloggers, Novices, or anyone who wants to learn more about the incredible world of Cryptocurrencies, you are all welcome on Floyx.


See you Soon

Christophe WILHELM




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