7 qualities of a good cryptocurrency investor and trader

7 qualities of a good cryptocurrency investor and trader

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 12 Dec 2019

If you've ever planned to become a good cryptocurrency investor, you should find out what qualities you need to develop in yourself. Without them, you may not achieve the greatest potential of cryptocurrency investments.

Be sure to consider improving your habits and skills before you risk your Fiat money on the volatile cryptocurrency market.

These tips and habits are more suited for people who want to take on active role and become a cryptocurrency traders.


  • Think for yourself

THINK! In general, be wary about the "herd mentality" – its common issue for every type of investor -Forex, stock or cryptocurrency – it doesn’t matter.

‘Herd mentality’ is responsible for the speculative bubbles that caused chaos and collapse in the Fiat financial system. Of course, the so-called market sentiments, bear or bull periods, however, you should make each decision about investing or purchasing certain type of altcoin after researching the subject.


  • Be good with numbers

I don’t mean advanced mathematics or linear algebra here. It's just about getting to know the quantitative variables on the market properly.

If you want to trade in more consciously you should be able to quickly calculate at least the bid-ask spread, and quickly draw conclusions from indicators such as Relative Strength Index (RSI) or volume. Training in mathematics will significantly facilitate all of your operations on the market.


  • Be disciplined

If you haven't developed discipline, you're not ready for a trader's career yet. Discipline is a necessary condition and applies to all investment-related issues, ranging from improving your own psychological trading approach (such as greed and anxiety) to avoiding impulses based on speculation and intuition.


  • Lifelong learning

Successful investors learn throughout their lives. They constantly watch the news and read articles on markets and modify their strategies based on the latest information. In the world of cryptocurrency you must be smart and agile if you plan to stay in it for a long time.

Sometimes a simple news can be a catalyst for huge market changes.


  • Realistic expectations

As a trader or investor, you should try to aim to earn as much money as often as possible.

But there is a huge difference between trading based on rational analysis and the expectation that your investment or trade action will be always successful.

Traders, who are convinced that every transaction they make is a ‘win bet’, usually fall first.


  • Diversify your portfolio of assets

Successful traders or investors rarely stick to one market or asset class.

Over time, they become experts on various markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, indices, currencies. Use this formula for cryptoworld too.

Good knowledge of different markets or altcoins will allow you to diversify your portfolio, it will enhance your capacity to understand the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem.


  • Do everything possible

The last feature is characteristic of all successful people. The difference between success and failure usually boils down to how many times you managed to get up after something went wrong.

If you want to achieve something in such a competitive and sometimes deterrent environment as the cryptocurrency market, you should do everything in your power to win.

Keep reminding yourself why you do this at all and don't let negative experiences kill your passion. After all our will to go further pushes us to success. Good luck!



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