My Crypto Earnings During December 21 - Low Cost Crypto Accumulation Strategy Blog

This is a summary of my crypto earning during December, along with simple analysis and then my plan for January.

470f44d72cc2ba264a6b0e052fededf7865b46b97e6786d7ce2f4d9a39236d69.png So I've managed to 'earn' $123.76, which is quite an increase on the Nov 21 figure ($54.14).  The increase is mostly due to trying more apps/methods compared to Nov, as I wanted to see how much mileage there is in this approach (of really hitting freebie accumulation as hard as I can and then switching earnings into other passive earning methods).  Green is items above $10, yellow is items up to $10, red are items that didnt generate.  I've said 'earn' because I havent been able to withdraw these 'earnings' in all cases to other places where I can using the generated crypto - but I'm working on those aspects.

Individual commentary, from best to worst earnings, as follows:

 - Nicehash - $27.03 -  I have a basic mining setup with two small GPUs which I mine on using Nicehash, using solar power during the day - I'm happy with what it does and I switch its earnings into passive methods which is handy, but I'd need to outlay around $400 to upgrade further, which I'll hold off on doing for the moment.

 - Mistplay - $20.25 - Android app - earn rewards for playing games - can convert the rewards for things like prepaid mastercards.  It works, but its a pain to be able to use their rewards to earn crypto, so I dont tend to use it as much as I could, plus it takes a bit of time to get enough points.  I have written about it in another post - how best to earn using Mistplay and then use it to buy crypto

 - Coinbase Learn & Earn - $16 - Was quite surprised at how many free offers came out on coinbase during Dec, noting that they are quick and easy to get - plus Coinbase does not lock them in - if you want you can immediately withdraw them once earned.  

 - Torum - $13.29 - Torum is a social media site with a crypto focus that provides rewards in XTM.  I only started using it in Dec but was quite surprised at how quickly the XTM built up.  I've yet to try withdrawing any and it looks like you have to hit a certain level first - however, it didnt take a lot of work, and there is some useful info and links on their to things like airdrops, etc.

 - KuCoin Trade Bots - $12.75 - I'd invested some money into KuCoin spot grid trade bots which provide income from micro-trades (and floating crypto gains).  Unfortunately I bought into them when BTC was doing well, so I'll now have to hold on until the market recovers - but I'm ok with that and they are continuing to make microtrades.  When its going well it operates at around 100% APR, and when its not doing so great its down at about 20% APR (which I'm still good with !).  

 - Hive - $7.16 - I've started exploring the Hive blockchain.  I have to say its pretty impressive and is a great community.  I certainly dont understand it yet (!) - but the potential seems considerable, especially if you like blogging.  They also have a range of other aspects/dapps you can use/explore - music, vidoes, NFTs, games, etc - and it seems to be expanding all the time - so well worth checking out.  In Jan I'm on-track to make more than 10x what I did in Dec, so I'll be spending more time to try and understand it - plus it has some pretty cool games that I like.

 - Rising Star - $5.28 - Is a play2earn music based trading card game on the Hive Blockchain.  I love playing it, I think they nailed the game play and it does not take a lot of time.  Again it has good prospects for growing earnings and I expect those to increase pretty well over the next few months - however, even if they didnt, I'd still play it as I like the game so much.   The game also has a great community with lots of giveaways which can really help when you are starting out - very much worth checking out if play2earn is your thing.


 - Young Step - $4.98 - Young Step is an android app when you can earn YNG for steps, crypto predictions and from quizzes based on crypto currency topics.  You can then withdraw that to the Young Platform (invite code: JOHN-5300) for trading.  I quite like it but have not yet got enough to withdraw and try on the Young Platform, by I should manage that during January.  I dont think its a massive earner, but its fun and fairly easy to use - plus the crypto learning articles are very informative. 

 - Google Survey Rewards - $4.43 - An android app where you take short surveys and get rewarded in $.  Not tried withdrawing yet, and it might be that you can only use it in the Google store - but will see how it goes.  Either way the surveys are very short and just come from Google so its pretty simple and easy to use, without then getting spammed for providing email addresses, etc to all and sundry via info harvesting surveys.

 - Crypto Sense - $3.37 - Is an android app where you get rewarded for watching videos.  It withdraws straight to Coinbase which is great, but you have to do a lot to get earnings, however, I find I can do it at the same time as say watching TV without it breaking my concentration - so no problem.  Its useful now while I'm building up my crypto, but I probably wont use it in the long run.  I've written a more dedicated post on how it works (Crypto Sense App Test - earning free crypto on your android phone).  

 - Brave Browser - $3.11 - Earn BAT by browsing.  This was a no brainer for me - I'm using a browser regularly anyway, so I just started using Brave as much as I could instead.  You can build up BAT and then it gets paid monthly to another wallet.  I'm using Gemini, within which I can then trade it for other cryptos. 

 - PublishOx - $2.64 -  Not massive, but I really do like PublishOx, and I get some great tips from other bloggers on this site, so I'm going to continue using it for the foreseeable future - also I think the interface is really nice and ease to use which helps.  

 - Rollercoin - $1.38 - Another play2earn game, which is a crypto mining simulator.  It is fun, but can take up a lot of time.  So far my earnings are low, but I'm expecting to get an increase over the next two weeks which I've been working towards, so will see how it goes then.  I've also written more about it in another post (Rollercoin - free-2-earn crypto game - season 3 - earn free crypto).


 - Bitcoin Mania - $0.92 - Another play2earn mining simulator game.  Not as much fun as Rollercoin, but am giving it a try to see how it works.  I dont think it will amount to much without investment, so I cant see that I'll be using it long term. 

 - Storm Gain - $0.60 - A cloud mining app on Android.  You click a button every 4 hours to earn some crypto, and then you can start trading with it on the app once you have accumulated $10.  I've only just started using it so cant comment on effectiveness so far, but will report back my findings in a month or two, but it looks like something useful will come out of it.

 - Cake Defi Staking (referral code 877089) - $0.30 - Is a staking site, where you can stake DFI.  I like it because its really simple, but swings in the value of DFI could be a considerable risk.  It was at a lowish price recently so I've bought some more DFI to earn more rewards and am currently getting around 35% APR.  But the earnings noted here were gained just from the free $5 of DFI I got by signing up and doing their DFI learning module (which was really quick).  So at the moment I'll keep using it as I like the APR, but I wont be putting large sums in, just transferring some of my other crypto gains now and again when DFI is low to buy.   I've written a more detailed post on this (Staking free crypto with Cake Defi). 

 - Noise.Cash - $0.21 - Is another social media/blogging site that provides crypto rewards.  I know that there are others who do very well out of it, but at the moment I'm concentrating on Hive, Torum and PublishOx, so probably wont do much more with it in the short term.

 - Splinterlands - $0.06 - Splinterlands is another Hive Blockchain play2earn game.  It is a very popular card trading/fighting game, which I quite enjoy - it took a while to get started on it, but I do enjoy it now (it was quite hard at first).  I'm still a noob with it, but from reading various posts by others about it, it would appear that the earnings potential with it is considerable.  So I'll keep playing it over the next few months to trial it and see how it goes.

 - Coinbirds - $0.0057 (!) - This is a simple online game where you buy birds, which lay eggs, which you sell and can then withdraw to things like PayPal.  I've only started trying it and as you can see the rewards so far is very low (!).  However, it takes zero time, so I'll keep trialing it over the next few weeks, although I cant see it amounting to much without investing in it.  I'll report back on it again in the future. 

 - Cloud Earning PHT (startup bonus referral code zpwra2db) - $0.0014 (!) - Is a cloud mining android app which I only started using late in December.  It takes very little time, but I think the earnings will be tiny unless you invest in it.  I'll keep trialing it over the next few weeks, but I cant see it amounting to much.

 - CryptoBrewMaster - $0.00 - Is 'play2earn' game, also on the Hive blockchain where you brew beer, sell it, etc.  It appears to be fun, but I cant quite figure out how to work it properly yet, nor how to earn/withdraw from it - but I'll keep trying.  I can brew beer, which is a little fun ! 


 - Dr Who - Worlds Apart - $0.00 - Is a card trading game based on the cult BBC Dr Who TV series.  At the moment you can only collect cards/NFTs with game play coming shortly, but by simply singing in each day you can get free tokens which you can save to buy cards, the referral link also gives bonus tokens which can start you off.  There appears to be a healthy market for the cards with real money changing hands, so I'm giving it a try, and will see how it pans out once the gameplay kicks in.

 - Nexo - $0.00 - Nexo is a crypto site that offer passive earnings (interest) for holding your crypto with them.  I really like it but withdrew my crypto from it to fund the KuCoin trading Bots, however, I will start to Hodl within Nexo again, because you can basically get decent daily compound interest rates on your crypto (upto 20% in some cases), plus it seems like a good legit, safe and secure site.   I've written a post specifically about Nexo (Earn interest on crypto with Nexo for passive gains).

 - KuCoin Staking - $0.00 - I've not used this KuCoin function yet, but plan to investigate it once my crypto funds build up a little - so this one is for the future.  

 - Coinbase Interest - $0.00 -  Coinbase offers up to 5% interest on some coins (including ALGO, TEZOS and COSMOS).  I have earned from it before with ALGO, but dont have any in there at the moment.  I can see that I will use it again, also noting that it offers daily compound interest which I do like.

 - Gemini earn - $0.00 - Is a function that Gemini offers in some countries, but not in mine (UK) yet.  I'm hoping they will offer it soon noting that I'm earning BAT with Brave Browser which I can withdraw into Gemini - so would be good if I could do that and then earn interest on it.

 - Pi - $0.00 - Which is an odd app you can download on your mobile phone to 'generate Pi'.  A lot of people seem into it, but I'm not convinced that anything will come from it, and latterly my app hasn't been working, so I'll probably be dropping this from the list.

 - 'Hive Other' at the bottom of the list is an interesting one - I seem to be accumulating other hive cryptos by interacting with hive (other than HIVE and HBD) and I dont quite yet know why I'm gaining them or how much they are worth, so I'll need to explore that further ! 


Plan for January:

 - To focus on and grow the methods that are working for me; KuCoin bots, Cake Defi Staking, Hive, Torum, PublishOx, Coinbase Learn & Earn, Mistplay, Rising Star, Young Step, Brave Browser and Splinterlands,

 - I'll continue to test the others to see if they are worth while, or whether I need to drop them,

 - With funds starting to build up in different areas, I'll start moving some of these to apps like Nexo and KuCoin where I can stake and or gain interest on them. 

 - I'll put a particular focus on Hive and all it has to offer as it seems quite impressive generally and appears to have the most opportunity.  

 - I'll continue to look around for other methods that I can trial and add to the list.  

 - I'll be aiming to hit the $200+ mark on earnings, which as of the 5th of Jan I think is very much on track hit and beat.

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Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget
Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget

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