Ghost Trader

Ghost Trader - The World's First Tokenized Crypto Hedge Fund!

By CryptKeepr | CryptKeeper | 11 Dec 2021

Hello friends at Publish0x! I'd like to introduce you to what I feel will be one of the great new projects on the binance smart chain. It's not every day that you come across a team of this caliber, and the vision has me very excited to say the least! Along with the very professional team, comes one of the best white papers I've seen in the industry. It can be viewed at this link - Ghost-Trader-White-Paper


What Is
Ghost Trader?


Simply put, Ghost Trader is the world’s first tokenized crypto “hedge fund”. 

It utilizes the unique characteristics of blockchain and smart contract technologies to pool together money from buyers, for their professional traders to use, and dishes the profits right back out to buyers on a monthly basis in the form of BUSD dividends.



How Does Ghost Trader Work?


Behind The Scenes


Behind the scenes of the Ghost Trader token is a team of ex-bankers and trading veterans who together bolster almost a century of industry experience and expertise. When you buy Ghost Trader, these traders are working for you.

Purchasing Tokens


After purchasing Ghost Trader Tokens, your money is pooled into a sizable fund alongside other buyers of the token. From there, 50% of that fund is utilized by Ghost Trader to trade on a wide variety of markets, ranging from forex and crypto currency to rare metals and indices.


Resulting Profits


Of the resulting profits of these trades, a percentage of it is sent back out to holders on a monthly basis in the form of BUSD dividends, relative to their holdings of Ghost Trader Coin, assuring a consistent, steady passive income for years to come. This doesn’t even take into account the potential of token appreciation over time.



Who Is
Ghost Trader?


Ghost Trader consists of multiple established traders working hard in the background, trading the fund. Head trader of this team however is an extremely established heavyweight in the banking and trading world.

"Our head “Ghost Trader’ has over 35 years’ experience trading in London, New York and the Middle East, and a distinguished trading career. Since 1998 he has traded for two major hedge funds predominately in Forex but has in the last 15 years expanded his day and shorter term trading strategies to include the major indices, gold and oil products.

His ability to evaluate the markets in terms of volatility and understand how other traders and ‘Bots’ control risk enables him to take full advantage of moves others over think. He has an unblemished trading record producing year on year returns of over 60% from 1998-2008 and even bigger returns since then as the hedge funds he trades for use him as one of the more aggressive portfolio traders.

The last two years have seen exceptionally volatile markets, and he returned over 280% last year and is already showing a return of 286% as at the end of October 2021."


Where can I buy?


The presale will take place on their website at 14:00 UTC on Saturday the 18th of December (Link to website here - Ghost Trader Website ). Public sale expected to follow on Monday the 20th of December. For more information, you can join the telegram at - Ghost Trader Telegram - You can also follow them on Twitter or Instagram at these links - Ghost Trader Twitter --- Ghost Trader Instagram

Thanks for reading and happy investing! 

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