Does Coinmarketcap earn work?

Does Coinmarketcap earn work?

By d-erf | Cryptips | 11 Oct 2020

Hello all,


For now, 2 earning campaigns: BAND and LUNA.


I'm made BAND campaign:

- I've received a mail telling me i answered well and will receive BAND

- Received 2 weeks later that due to eth network high fees, and because i entered an erc20 band address, i had to send new but BAND network address, what i did

- Nothing received yet, close to 2 monthes now


There is an actual LUNA campaign:


I've seen videos, when clicking to pass the quiz:



Has someone done band campaign and received BAND? Do you have some information about this?

What do you think of this? Is coinmarketcap earn reliable?

Of what could you advise else as earning stuff (except coinbase earn)?


Thanks dudes, take care, see ya!


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See you all!

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