By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 4 Dec 2020

Trust is Binance's official wallet but unlike Binance itself it works only as a mobile application. that is, if you want to take a look at your instances on a conventional desktop computer you won't be able to.

Trust Wallet has good options for cryptocurrencies, some very different from the market. In addition, it supports crypts in the ERC-20 system. Within the portfolio interface searched as tabs:

Top menu

Tab 1- Tokens -Etherem - Bitcoin - BNB

Tab 2 - Finance (staking) - Tron- Tezos- Cosmos- Kava- Algorand

Tab 3 - Collectibles - Receive ERC-20

Lower Menu

Exchange Function - Here you will find several options for currency exchange. Among the more than 100 tokens are: Rupiah Eboost, Newton, Metronome, kyber network, Chiliz, Nexus, Arpa.

Besides, the wallet have a browser for DApps.


check out more in the video


So, it concludes that a trust portfolio presents some good differentiated options, although the application has a simplified interface, without graphics and analysis.
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Criptonita 2
Criptonita 2

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