By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 10 Nov 2020

Cripto Civic is a wallet that has developed a system to protect and securely store your personal data and your Cryptocurrencies.
In the year it was launched - 2017. It sold $ 33 million in tokens. Reaching, in the same year, approximately US $ 1 per token.

Currently the unit value of the token is $ 0.15.
Considering this current value and the last 7 days, there was an increase of 470%.

Let's keep an eye !!!

Market Cap - US$ 100.080.310

Position - 69

Asset Type: Token

Minable: No

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply -

Cirtculanting Supply - 670.000.000

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Criptonita 2
Criptonita 2

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