Project of 2019 but already proving to be big in 2020

Project of 2019 but already proving to be big in 2020

By lancelot7 | Cripto Green Word Pump | 13 Jan 2020

Hi my friends this netbox project which is google competitor as well as brave is also being one of the best for us to see right now I say this because NBX currency has good volatility always around 0.04 $ to 0.08 $ e In this period he is always alternating in these values ​​in a matter of days or hours at this time profit is always being able to have about 15% to 30% of profit in some cases.



Its total offer is low only 75 million nbx and in circulation just over 20 million nbx i see a big pump of it happening this year the time to get on the netbox is now to get the most profit possible.

Graphic in real time

Enjoy the promotion download the browser and create your wallet by synchronizing you earn 20 nbx coins that can be withdrawn or you can invest in the Stake option that pays interest of 0.15% per day forever on the NBX you put in this option.



Referrals is still unlimited please indicate each referral will earn you 10 NBX within 30 days so you get 1 nbx when the ref creates the wallet, 3 nbx when the ref used the netbox for 1 week and the other 6 nbx are paid when the ref completed 1 month of browser use.


Masternode With 10,000 Exact Coins You can have 1 netbox masternode and have doubled profits every day.

The option to earn more coins surfing the internet using the netbox is paid the NBX always at dawn in my case that I live in Brazil I always get at 5:15 am.

Let's take advantage because when NBX hits the $ 1 I believe the promotion of winning by referrals could be over.


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Sucess tank you.


Sou um entusiasta de criptografia sonho em alcançar meu 1 ethereum aqui com vocês.

Cripto Green Word Pump
Cripto Green Word Pump

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